Press Release: Women’s INEquality Day at NCGA on 8/26/21

North Carolina lawmakers and state officials will rally alongside statewide women’s rights groups at the North Carolina General Assembly at 10 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 26, to demand that members of the General Assembly finally vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Citizens Deserve Input on State Budget, 2021

Kathy Greggs, a US Army combat veteran from Fayetteville, went to the Legislature to speak to the state House Appropriations Committee for Health and Human Services to urge lawmakers to expand Medicaid, expand workers’ rights, and pass affordable housing protections. Although Greggs and others were able to sign up to speak, they were told they couldn’t speak. Greggs didn’t accept that. Here is what happened.

NC NOW Legislative Update #19 – The Veto Is Sustained! – 10 Jun 2019

The Week 19 summary talks about sustaining Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of one of the abortion ban bills (the so called Born Alive type ban). The next big thing should be reconciling the Senate and House budgets, and what Governor Cooper may do, since both budgets are problematic.

NC NOW Legislative Update #18 – Senate Budget and Budget Process – 3 Jun 2019

The Week 18 summary discusses how the NC Senate passed its budget and virtually excluded Democrats from any participation in the process. It talks about the next step, which is reconciling the House and Senate versions of the budget. And that maybe the 11th override vote scheduled on the so-called Born Alive type bill may actually take place on June 5.

NC NOW Legislative Update #16 – How Attempted Vetoes Work– 5/20/19

The games around scheduling a House vote on SB359, Born Alive—Abortion Survivors Protection Act, continued another week. It looks like the veto override vote is being placed on the House calendar only to be withdrawn over and over again to allow for a head count to make certain that votes needed for an override are present in the chamber before holding a vote.  When contacting your House member about this bill, emphasize the importance of being present and not leaving the chamber for any reason. Medicaid Expansion still stalled in the NCGA. Medicaid expansion is a priority issue for Governor Cooper and there is speculation that he might veto a budget that does not include it if no other path has been cleared. Other unresolved issues include funding for education, including salaries, and a court-ordered re-drawing of legislative districts in the Triangle area. Read more in the NC NOW Legislative Update #16.

NC NOW Legislative Update #12 – 22 April 2019

NC NOW Legislative Update #12 has some good news following bad news last week. Governor Cooper has vetoed an anti-abortion bill that was rushed through the legislature last week, and it will be difficult for Republican supporters to override it. Also, a judge ruled that Rev. William Barber can no longer be banned from the legislative building in time for the Teacher’s March and Rally on May 1. More bills were introduced, again, to fix longstanding problems in NC – Right to Revoke Consent (SB563) and one to handle sexual harassment involving legislators (HB817).

NC NOW Newsletter Available – January/February/March 2019

The January, February and March 2019 newsletter is available. January and February have been a whirlwind of activity – 6 women’s marches around the state, getting people to other marches, NC NOW’s annual pro-choice signature ad, and organizing other events and advocacy days. Also, strong reactions to administration activities and lawmakers.

Let’s Make History During Women’s History Month, 3/5/19

We invite you to join us in the afternoon on Tuesday, March 5, 2019, in Raleigh to support our North Carolina legislators, who are filing the bills necessary to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Here in North Carolina, we have the historic chance to bring equal rights to every citizen of the United States of America. North Carolina can be the 38th of 38 states needed to ratify the ERA. You can help!

NC NOW Legislative Update #3, War On Women Continues – 18 Feb 19

Week 3 of the NC’s Legislative Session shows that the war on women’s reproductive rights continues with the introduction of two new anti-abortion bills, adding to two from week 2. An outrageous bill defies the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. The good news is a bipartisan bill that represents the best opportunity ever to end the extreme partisan gerrymandering that has been corrupting our elections.