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Bus to Rally in DC Against Fake Clinics (CPCs) Telling Lies – 3/20/18

“What’s more important? The right to spread lies, fear and shame under the guise of free speech? Or the right of people seeking health care and counseling during pregnancy to receive accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive information from a licensed medical facility? An upcoming Supreme Court case may decide just that.” – Lynne Walter, Naral Pro-Choice NC

The Supreme Court said in November 2017 that it would decide whether California violates free speech guarantees to require “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs) to tell patients the truth about access to contraception services and abortion assistance. Even though the opening arguments start this month (March, 2018), standard media is not covering the case – but the anti-abortion groups are!

Crisis Pregnancy Center Protest
Photo Credit: Whole Woman’s Health Blog

On Tuesday, March 20, the U.S. Supreme Court (in Washington DC) will hear oral arguments in (National Institute of Family and Life Advocates) NIFLA v. Becerra, a case that fake women’s health centers brought to the court to overturn a California law (California Reproductive FACT ACT) that provides people with access to full and accurate information about their reproductive health options. Becerra is California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

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Science is a Women’s Issue

Historically, science has provided keys to eliminating sexist, racist, and environmentally damaging policies. But science is under attack: President Trump conflates scientific fact with matters of opinion, and has moved to slash funding to education, healthcare, research, and environmental protections. Women are on the front-lines of this assault.

Educating girls and women in sciences is essential to overcome threats to our health and environment. If women are not at the table, then neither will be women’s interests and needs – think reproductive health-care, environmental threats that disproportionately affect women and unborn children, and diseases that afflict only women. Today, women make up only 29% of the STEM workforce, and Trump proposes no initiatives to promote women in sciences. On the contrary, his budget proposal guts federal education spending by $9 billion.

Photo Credit: Scientific American

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Take Action: Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate! Lawmakers go after it again.

TAKE ACTION! Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate!  Tell your Senator to vote NO on the House version of Senate Bill 279!

The bill is on the Senate calendar for Monday evening (Sep. 21, 2015).

The week of Sep. 14, a House committee passed a committee substitute for SB279, a bill that in its original form dealt only with licensing requirements for counseling.  The committee substitute, passed on September 15, rewrote the licensing requirements and added (1) a requirement to teach about sex trafficking in middle school health and safety programs and (2) struck language that required materials used in sex ed programs be accepted by “experts in the field of sexual health education” and substituted the vague term “experts”  

Opponents to the change, like NC NOW, believe that its purpose is to allow faith-based sex education in public schools. 

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Take Action on HB465 – Call Your House Representative

The Senate has rewritten this anti-abortion bill and changed its title to “Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015” to make it sound innocent.  It is not – this bill has all the problems from edition 2 plus more snuck in on top.  The previous title was  “72 Hours Informed Consent by Person or Phone,” and HB465 went to the Senate as a bill that placed new restrictions on abortion.  In particular, it did and still does

  • triple the forced waiting period from 24 to 72 hours
  • track doctors for performing abortions
  • force doctors to send women’s personal medical records to the state to track (to Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS).  

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HB465 protests around the state, join us!

House Bill 465 triples the wait time before a woman is allowed to have an abortion to at least 72 hours (3 full days, and it may be longer than that depending on the clinic and the woman’s schedules).  Plus, HB465 forces doctors to send ultrasounds and more to DHHS!  NC NOW posted an article about problems with an earlier version of the bill (including that it would have broken the OB-GYN program at UNC-CH).  We also posted an article about the House hearing for HB465, in which some of the ‘conservative’ men (from a certain party) couldn’t be bothered to listen to the debate on the bill.  Find that article, and some of our good Representatives’ points on the bill at  There are still many problems with it, listed here.  Some organizations are working together to plan protests across the state to bring attention to the bill and pressure Governor McCrory to veto it.  You can help by participating in any protests, and getting the word out to friends and neighbors about how bad this bill is, writing letters to your local newspapers, etc.  The schedule of protests is first, and some more detailed problems with the bill are listed second.

The current protest schedule is as follows:

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Take action on HB847 – puts minors at risk with medical treatments

LEGISLATIVE ALERT on HB847 – puts minors at risk

House Bill 847, Amend Laws Re: Medical Treatment of Minors, is a very bad bill. The hard right has repeatedly attacked existing law that guarantees confidential medical treatment for minors for venereal disease, pregnancy, substance abuse, and mental illness. The medical community supports the current law (maintaining minor consent) because there is good reason to believe that in many cases minors would not seek medical help if they knew that their parents would be informed. It is unfortunate when minors feel they cannot confide in their parents, but all caring parents would prefer for their children to obtain the medical help they need instead of having their conditions go untreated. House Bill 847 would require parental consent for minors to be treated for these conditions. The second provision of House Bill 847 would protect parents from charges of neglect or abuse of minor children if they are following medical advice even if the advice they are following is discredited or rejected by the medical community as a whole.

It appears that, among other things, this bill would provide cover for parents who subject their minor children to medically discredited therapies to “cure” them of homosexuality and would leave no recourse for concerned family members, health care professionals, or other adults.

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Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women (2012)

Another piece of history!  Here is a view of the national War on Women from the National NOW Times newsletter in the fall of 2012.

Printed from

Elections have consequences. After the last election cycle, radical right-wing men swept into office at federal and state levels, introducing a record number of restrictions on reproductive rights.

The NOW National Action Center is working around the clock in partnership and coalition with our grassroots chapter network and allied organizations to educate and mobilize voters in 2012. Contact your local chapter to get involved. And when you’re talking with your friends, your family and your community, be sure to remind them how terrible the War on Women has been and how critical it is that they vote.

Here are seven reminders why everyone you know should vote.

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Paliga: They know not what they do, apparently – 7/2/14 in Onslow Times

The internet is on fire discussing another terrible decision from our nation’s Supreme Court, another attack on women. On Monday, June 30, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby that for-profit employers can decide whether or not to cover their employees’ birth control and contraception. Strictly speaking, the conservative majority ruled that for-profit corporations with religious objections can opt out of providing contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

This staggering decision puts corporations above women. Four years after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have free speech rights in its controversial Citizens United decision (Jan 21, 2010), this Supreme Court granted religious rights to for-profit corporations! It opens the door for corporations to opt out of other laws, now that corporations have new standing.

hobbylobbyjustices.scotus2014                                                              Photo Credit: Daily Kos

The case was brought by Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts chain founded by evangelical Christians. If you’ve ever been to Hobby Lobby, you see the staff is mostly women, and the customers are mostly women. And while Hobby Lobby is hugely profitable, their employees are paid little. Hobby Lobby sued the government over the ACA because the owners don’t want to have to provide their employees with insurance coverage for some forms of birth control, like IUDs or the morning after pill, which they claim cause abortions, contrary to scientists and the FDA.

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