NC is bleeding money – NCGA could stop the hemmorrhaging!

Did you see the new estimates on the cost of the 2013 budget??  It’s 43% higher than before, according to the Fiscal Research Division of the NC General Assembly in a memo last Thursday, 7/24/14. The 2013 state tax cuts for the 2014 year – personal income tax cuts alone – will cost 43% overContinue reading “NC is bleeding money – NCGA could stop the hemmorrhaging!”

Women remember what happened in 2013!

It is hard to comprehend how much damage NC’s Conservative lawmakers did during the 2013 legislative session. The war on women may not have been what the NC General Assembly (NCGA) intended, but a war on women has been waged! The NCGA has dismantled much of women’s rights progress of the last 50 years! WomenContinue reading “Women remember what happened in 2013!”