Employment Situation of Women in Wake County – On The Record!

Wake County Commission for Women (WCCW) released a wide-ranging and informative report that tracks and evaluates the current condition of Wake County women in the work force. In addition to assessing the level of income disparity between the sexes, the study identifies and investigates the barriers to access job-seeking women face when entering and re-entering the labor market. It further provides an overview of programs that exist to assist women in overcoming such impediments and offers a set of recommendations to reduce their effect.

Governor McCrory signs bill targeting immigrants and poor people

Links to articles on a bill which targets immigrants and poor people. The anti-immigration sections go into effect immediately. This bill was signed by Governor McCrory on 10/29/15.

National issues affecting women to consider..

Some articles on national concerns for women, including how to fight income inequality, work policies to support women and DV victims, the Pope’s blind spot with abortion, how the Hyde Amendment continues to do single out low-income people, and where the terrible Hobby Lobby decision is taking us now.

Take Action: Tell our Labor Commissioner to DO HER JOB! (2015)

Companies are making millions and refusing to pay their employees for the employees work in too many cases. And the NC Dept of Labor is doing almost nothing to fix this – even though THEY HAVE THE POWER. Take Action!