North Carolina NOW Legislative Update – 9 August 2021

The Senate passed its budget more than a month ago, and now we are beginning to get a peek at parts of the House budget. Thursday morning part of the House education budget was released in the House Education Appropriations Committee. However a critical part of the education budget—salaries—was not revealed. The bottom line of the appropriation is $10.1 billion for K-12 for the first year of the biennium and $10.08 billion for the second year. For community colleges, the amount is approximately $1.2 billion each year.

Also, learn about terrible process used to push budget through.

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update – 26 July 2021

Take action on anti-abortion bill HB 453, The scheduled override vote on this bill was postponed, not yet rescheduled – so write them now. SB 729 is a proposed amendment to the NC Constitution which would effectively ban affirmative action! It is pushed by a state Senate leader whose gerrymandered redistricting map was found by a court to discriminate against Black voters with “surgical precision.”