National Followup to Women’s Marches – action and education!

Followup to the women’s marches #1 – contact your Congresswoman or Congressman and tell them We need to let everyone know that it wasn’t an isolated event! We need to keep pressure on Congress and the US Senate.

Senators Burr and Tillis and the Politics of Obstruction

NC Senators Burr and Tillis are refusing to allow hearings on the US Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. Plus, Senator Burr has been keeping a federal court in Eastern NC vacant since 2013. Both Burr and Tillis need to fulfill their own constitutional responsibilities and let the US Senate do its job.

Senator Burr Blocks Another Black Female From 10 Year Judicial Vacancy

Patricia Timmons-Goodson is an extremely well qualified justice who served NC as judge and justice for decades. Yet, Senator Richard Burr is blocking her as he has blocked 3 other black females from federal positions since 2013.

National issues affecting women to consider..

Some articles on national concerns for women, including how to fight income inequality, work policies to support women and DV victims, the Pope’s blind spot with abortion, how the Hyde Amendment continues to do single out low-income people, and where the terrible Hobby Lobby decision is taking us now.

Take Action: Tell our Labor Commissioner to DO HER JOB! (2015)

Companies are making millions and refusing to pay their employees for the employees work in too many cases. And the NC Dept of Labor is doing almost nothing to fix this – even though THEY HAVE THE POWER. Take Action!