What you can do now to spread the word on danger of campus assaults

Recap of successful event on sexual assault on campus which featured documentary subject Annie Clark. What you can do now to reach and protect more students, parents and grandparents. Awareness is key to fix the system that puts students in such danger in the first place. Mostly but not only females are attacked.

Two women’s events coming up in December in the Triangle

Join us in December with some celebrating and some reminiscing. Indoor event in Raleigh on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016, 7:30pm. Outdoor holiday parade and march in Durham on Saturday, Dec. 10, at 10am (come earlier).

Upcoming Raleigh NOW Events, Fall 2016-Winter 2017

Upcoming events for Raleigh NOW include a few documentary screenings, the first with a celebration of feminist and NOW history, the second on status of women now, and know the pro-choice signature ad is coming up quick! Runs in January. 2017 Roe event.

Finally women are credited for being angry about injustice!

Finally it seems women are credited for being angry about injustice, rather than vilified for it. Cases dramatized in a new and better light: Marcia Clark’s role as lead prosecutor in 1995 O.J. Simpson case and Anita Hill testifying about sexual harassment by Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas. “Anita Hill, a law professor onceContinue reading “Finally women are credited for being angry about injustice!”

Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC – 2016

“Equal Means Equal” is a must-see! Pulls you in right away. Do you remember these terrible quotes? Recent past, people. See the trailer here! Then see the whole documentary! Coming out official on Sept 6, 2016. Early showing on Aug 26.

Free early screening of TRAPPED in Raleigh on 5/6/16

Free screening of documentary on how abortion laws (TRAP laws) affect doctors, patients and clinics in different states. Information on related current Supreme Court cases too.