You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!

Can you believe the following statistics from a US Senate survey and report? 1 in 5 undergraduate women are victims of sexual assault on campus. Fewer than 5% of these rape victims report their attack to law enforcement. 8% of institutions don’t allow confidential reporting of rapes and sexual assaults. Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri) had theContinue reading “You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!”

TPP and how trade agreements can hurt women especially

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a regional Nafta-style trade agreement, which would grant even greater privileges to transnational corporations, and further hurt workers, communities and women in countries involved in TPP.

Fearless Carla Cunningham and Introduction of ERA in NC

ERA is ‘in the air,’ according to the NC National Organization for Women. The ERA stars in a new book, Equal Means Equal, was mentioned in an Oscar award acceptance speech last Sunday, and (big announcement!) is being introduced at the NC Legislature this session. ERA would address ongoing pay inequity, workplace discrimination and violence against women!

Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women (2012)

Another piece of history!  Here is a view of the national War on Women from the National NOW Times newsletter in the fall of 2012. Printed from Elections have consequences. After the last election cycle, radical right-wing men swept into office at federal and state levels, introducing a record number of restrictions on reproductiveContinue reading “Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women (2012)”

Found some serious NOW history here, still true!

The Nuts ‘n’ Bolts of NOW July/August 1996 Note: This article written by Gayle Forman was originally published in Ms. Magazine, July/August 1996, and was reprinted on the now site with permission. Dec 2014 update – NC NOW’s president has been looking for this article – most of it is still true today, including membershipContinue reading “Found some serious NOW history here, still true!”

Not the justice she deserved (but thank goodness Marissa is getting out)

Great press release on the injustices to Marissa Alexander. As you probably know, Alexander is the Florida woman who was not allowed to use Florida’s Stand Your Ground (SYG) law in her defense after she fired warning shots to try to scare away an abusive husband who was ignoring a protective order against him byContinue reading “Not the justice she deserved (but thank goodness Marissa is getting out)”

Why you should vote!

Women made up 54% of the early voters, according to “NC Nears End of 2014’s In Person Early Voting”, 10/31/14.  This is interesting, since women make up 54% of registered voters in NC.  I thought the stats for women would be higher, since women’s bodies and support programs and income were targeted in so many legislative billsContinue reading “Why you should vote!”

What you can do to get out the vote NOW!

Vote yourself! Be sure to check NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC’s endorsements at Motivate others to vote! NC NOW set up phone banking opportunities this Tuesday and Thursday around the state. We have phone banking sites for this Tuesday, Oct 28, and Thursday, Oct 30, in 5 cities. Over 100 thousand people votedContinue reading “What you can do to get out the vote NOW!”

NC NOW Conference Pictures and Summary

“Demand Justice for Women NOW” was the theme for our 2014 NC NOW State Conference, which we held in at the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting building. We had members from across NC, from Fayetteville to Asheville.  Three life members of NOW attended – Jan Allen, Mandy Carter and Margaret Mays.

Female Immigrant Work Situation

♀ Female Immigrant Work Situation This article was originally posted at and has been included in NC Women United draft documents starting in 2008. The immigration situation in the United State is complex. There are so many barriers to becoming a U.S. citizen that it is hard to decide where to begin. Many proposedContinue reading “Female Immigrant Work Situation”