Pictures tell the story of the Women Making History NOW Conference

NC NOW State Conference recap, with pictures.

Shining the light on anti-immigrant program targeting teenagers

I am inspired by some of President Obama’s speeches, but appalled at his Operation Border Guardian which directs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take children (18 years old) and throw them in jails, sometimes private jails (even worse). In implementation, ICE is grabbing these teenagers on their way to school, off school buses, and out ofContinue reading “Shining the light on anti-immigrant program targeting teenagers”

Stories of NOW from North Carolina on our 50th Anniversary

Comments in celebration of NOW’s 50th anniversary and NC NOW’s State Conference for 2016. What does the National Organization for Women mean to you? How did you like the conference? Find out how you can share your feedback here too.

In defense of Wildin David Acosta

Wildin Acosta’s Durham community managed to keep his case alive in the hearts and minds of his Durham school community, city community, and in the news. Their hard work gives him a chance to plead his asylum case, keeps the ICE raids and deportations in the news, and keeps attention on the terrible way that the United States is treating children, families and individuals. Read it to believe it.

Women Making History NOW

Please join us at our annual state conference. This year we feature North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood as our keynote speaker. Learn about ‘the female effect’ and also how things were for women in 1966, when NOW was founded. How are women doing now? And what can we do now? Join us in Raleigh this year!

Women Making History NOW Conference Press Release – 9/5/16

Press release used to notify media outlets of the upcoming NC NOW State Conference, being held in Raleigh on 10/1/16. The theme is “Women Making History NOW” as NOW is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we are celebrating women advancing in office. Keynote speaker is State Auditor Beth Wood.

Teachers: Public school system in crisis. STOP. Send money! STOP.

Teachers and advocates put forth great effort to voice needs for students, for other teachers, teacher assistants and staff, and for public education in general. There was a 2 day trek to Raleigh, an advocacy day, a press conference, a failed attempt to meet with the Governor, and a big arrest.