How did NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC Endorsed Candidates Do in 2020?

Progressives had really high hopes of winning across North Carolina in 2020. There were excellent candidates at every level. However, these candidates did not do too well. There were many factors, including the many very crowded Trump rallies around our state that really did energize his base to vote. Another factor was dirty election tricks that were pulled on some candidates that had been endorsed by the NC NOW PAC this year. Here is a look at how NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC endorsed candidates did.

Dirty Election Tricks Impacted NC – 2020 Style

The Supreme Court strikes again and this interference is some of the result. Money from 527s was funneled through Raleigh to hurt strong progressive candidates around North Carolina. Too few people know about this.

NC NOW Announces 2020 General Election PAC Endorsements, Updated

NC NOW announces the NC National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (NC NOW PAC) endorsements for statewide offices in the 2020 General Election, and also federal NOW PAC’s endorsements in Congress. We are excited to announce our support for candidates who have demonstrated a true commitment to women through their words and/or actions. We show the PAC Endorsements on one page. They include 91 statewide endorsements from and 9 federal ones.

NC NOW PAC 2020 Endorsements for NC – Council Of State

NC NOW PAC has made over 70 endorsements for the 2020 General Election. These are the endorsed candidates for Council of State. NC NOW is excited to be able to endorse new candidates for some council of state races who are younger women and/or people of color.