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Pro-choice Signature Ad Packet Delivery and Letter – 4/14/21

NC NOW members delivered the NC NOW pro-choice signature ad packets to all of our representatives in the NC House and NC Senate on Wednesday, April 14, 2021. The packets included a letter from NC NOW on bills related to abortion access that we support and oppose, and this year we delivered two copies of the ad in each packet. Due to the pandemic and safety concerns, we did not deliver in 2020. See NC NOW’s letter below and see more about the ads below. The eight members delivering the signature ad packets represented Fayetteville NOW, Chapel Hill NOW, Raleigh NOW, and Durham NOW. There were two other groups of people who got the signature ads ready to go the previous weeks.

Pro-Choice Signature Ad Delivery in 2021 with 7 of 8 people shown. Photo Credit: Maureen Wertheim

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Take Action On ERA – Contact House by 3/17/21, Then Contact Senate

There is progress on the ERA and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA). We are receiving updates on the ERA bill from a NOW taskforce on ERA as well as our homegrown ERA-NC Alliance, of which NC NOW is a part. The House is planning to vote on removing the ERA time limit and also on the improved Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) the same day.

ERA Facemasks Available NOW from NOW!

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Articles on National Issues To Catch – ERA, #RealityWinner, #MilitaryMeToo, More – 2/27/21

Don’t want to lose access to these important articles on national issues which were posted on the NC NOW facebook page. Topics here include another big push on Military to address massive sexual assault disaster, what would ensure the ERA reaches its equality potential, how Biden Administration should move ahead with very high approval ratings on policies, how a Senator is holding up Biden’s cabinet nominees by applying a double standard, how Biden needs to free Reality Winner, and ICE targetting progressive sheriffs around the state with billboards.
1. #MilitaryMeToo Video Goes Viral – Military Must Fix This!
These problems are rampant in all branches of the Military. You have the assault. The rapist getting off. The victim struggling to survive. It is good timing for this video to go viral as the #VanessaGuillen tragedy and uproar needs a boost right now as Military is supposed to be addressing it. #militarymetoo#IAmVanessaGuillen

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NC NOW Legislative Update #2 in 2021 – 2/8/21

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update
8 February 2021

The second North Carolina Legislative Update of 2021 gives updates on the child marriage bills in the NC House and Senate, the Ratify ERA bill, legislation to allow some people to carry concealed weapons in the legislative building! Also, an update on the Fetal Heartbeat bill introduced in SC. NC has one also, as pointed out in the first North Carolina NOW Legistative Update of 2021. See whole new report at North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #2.8 February 2021.

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NC NOW Legislative Update #1 in 2021 – 2/1/21

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update
1 February 2021

The North Carolina General Assembly is back in session. That means, pay attention because your life, your liberties, and your rights are on the line.

Two of the biggest issues this long session will deal with are the state budget (with many bitter battles on many fronts) and reapportionment. The census data from the 2020 census will be available in early April, and new lines for Congressional districts will be drawn based on that data. North Carolina is expected to add a new Congressional seat this year, increasing our representatives from 13 to 14. Expect lots of gerrymandering followed by a rash of court cases.

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McGuire: ERA Activities in NC – Fall 2020

Exciting news and opportunities on upcoming ERA activities this fall from NC NOW and AAUW-NC member Denny McGuire.  

The ERA-NC Alliance is partnering with VoteEquality.US, which is taking its glammed-up ERA RV throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia in September, October and November 2020.  The RV volunteers plan to cover 3,000 miles on this tour.

See the planned stops at Vote Equality Southern Tour.

Vote Equality RV

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A Look At Women’s Equality Day at the 100th Anniversary of Suffrage

Women’s Equality Day is celebrated on August 26 to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The 19th Amendment prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex, although women of color were still denied that right for other reasons for decades after 1920. The National Organization for Women was part of getting “Women’s Equality Day” declared with a massive protest on the 50th anniversary of adoption of the 19th amendment. The 100th anniversary leads to other questions – like what other legal protections do women need?

MN NOW Billboard

Part of ERA Billboard from MN NOW

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In 2020, NC Needs To Follow Virginia’s Lead

Do you know how well Virginia has done with turning things around? They were in the same sinking terrible boat that we were in 2011 after terrible election in 2010. They are in excellent shape now, in 2020. VA has elected the most women to the VA Legislature in their history!  They’ve already passed laws to reverse some damage done AND RATIFIED THE Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)! This is a story of hope and an inspiration for people to vote. NC needs to follow their lead. That depends on us and others like us!

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Upcoming events – May and June, 2020

Here are some upcoming events in May and June 2020, and some past events that you can watch online. Chapel Hill NOW is sponsoring the Breaking the Silence event on May 16. Look for a press release. Charlotte NOW is cosponsoring a women’s roundtable event in Charlotte on Jun 2. With so many events online, you can watch them at your convenience!

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Virtual Campus ERA Day National Event- April 27,2020

The ERA Coalition and ERA-NC Alliance partners (including NC NOW) would like to invite you to the Fourth Annual Campus Equal Rights Amendment Day taking place on April 27, 2020 from 6:00-7:30 pm EST at Roosevelt House, Hunter College. Please join us virtually via Zoom. This program is designed to accommodate students all across the country. The event is organized by a cohort of students participating in the Grove Fellowship at Hunter College, led by Carol Jenkins and Bettina Hager, of the ERA Coalition. Students who wish to participate can fill out the Interest Form here. Feel free to forward and share with any students and teachers you know who may be interested. ERA Coalition will livestream this event to social media and will share those links the day of, if you would like to watch. Anyone can watch the event through the ERA Coalition facebook page. They will post the livestream on Apr 27.

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