Roe Event 2015: And Then There Was One – 2/5/15

It’s not enough for extremists to harass patients and staff outside clinics. Find out how regulations are used to harass them inside. Learn how we can FIGHT BACK against those who seek to close clinics. We need to maintain or improve access to safe and legal abortions. “And Then There Was One: How targeted regulations cripple andContinue reading “Roe Event 2015: And Then There Was One – 2/5/15”

More upcoming events with NC NOW and chapters

Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 – Triad NOW Meet and Greet at 7pm at Augustine’s Bistro.  It’s at 401 W. 4th Street in downtown Winston-Salem  For more information, go to Tuesday, Feb 3, 2015 – No Raleigh NOW meeting.  Go instead to the Panel Discussion at NCCU in Durham “The Economics of Education: What We Owe Our Children and Our Nation.” FreeContinue reading “More upcoming events with NC NOW and chapters”

15th annual SBA event – Fayetteville NOW – 2/26/15

Fayetteville NOW presents its FIFTEEN ANNUAL Susan B. Anthony Birthday Celebration!! Date: Thur. February 26, 2015 Time: 5:30 – 7:30 pm Place: VFW Post 6018, 116 Chance Street, Fayetteville Note: Chance street is off Ramsey Street. Please join us! For more information, see the flyer at

Make a statement – I’m pro-choice!

Jan 22, 2015 marks the 42nd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which gave women control over their own bodies and lives.  We can celebrate that as a national blessing – 42 years of legal, constitutionally protected abortion care in the United States. But how many abortion clinics are left in NC?  15.  CompareContinue reading “Make a statement – I’m pro-choice!”

Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women (2012)

Another piece of history!  Here is a view of the national War on Women from the National NOW Times newsletter in the fall of 2012. Printed from Elections have consequences. After the last election cycle, radical right-wing men swept into office at federal and state levels, introducing a record number of restrictions on reproductiveContinue reading “Vote! 7 Reminders Why from the War on Women (2012)”

Women Pay Steep Price for Benefits of Health Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act improved health care a lot, and continues to help people – but here is a NOW article from 2010 explaining at what price it came, and also reiterating a more efficient and less costly solution – single payer. Originally posted on the national NOW website and in the National NOW Times,Continue reading “Women Pay Steep Price for Benefits of Health Care Reform”

FB: Even expanding Medicaid this late would only help NC!

Posted on the NC NOW facebook page on May 4, 2014. Good news, surprising only to these doomsayers. The bigger boon to NC would be expanding Medicaid. The BILLIONS of DOLLARS in FEDERAL MONEY would provide health care for working people (many single moms), freeing up money for their local communities. The FEDERAL MONEY wouldContinue reading “FB: Even expanding Medicaid this late would only help NC!”

FB: Targetting of Asheville’s Femcare clinic in 2013

This explains a lot about the targetting of the Femcare clinic in Asheville last year. It was originally posted on NC NOW’s facebook page on 3/13/14. ASHEVILLE — When state health inspectors suspended Western North Carolina’s only abortion clinic’s operations in the aftermath of a heated debate over a new abortion law last summer, someContinue reading “FB: Targetting of Asheville’s Femcare clinic in 2013”

Declaration on Immigrant Rights

(Strong statement on immigrant rights.  Waiting for NC NOW board approval.) We, the members of the North Carolina chapters of the National Organization for Women, recognize the intrinsic value of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, to the overall strength of our local communities. Their contribution as laborers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs positively affects the growth ofContinue reading “Declaration on Immigrant Rights”

Interactive presentation on support for same sex marriage – 12/2/14, 7:30pm

Things are legally changing fast for same-sex marriage – what does it mean and how do we reach more people? Two or maybe three more states were added to the marriage equality map just 2 weeks ago (by 11/24/14).  What is the best way to reach the people who are still against same-sex marriage/marriage equality? Is thereContinue reading “Interactive presentation on support for same sex marriage – 12/2/14, 7:30pm”