Why you should vote!

Women made up 54% of the early voters, according to “NC Nears End of 2014’s In Person Early Voting”, 10/31/14.  This is interesting, since women make up 54% of registered voters in NC.  I thought the stats for women would be higher, since women’s bodies and support programs and income were targeted in so many legislative billsContinue reading “Why you should vote!”

Publix is Not All Sunshine and Smiles!

I visited the new Publix mega-grocery store in Cary on 10/29/14, for its grand opening. The employees’ smiles were brighter than sunshine. It was a wonderful experience and they gave out the green, re-useable, Publix shopping bags. I went home to research this company that met Cary’s picky standards. I found out that Publix doesContinue reading “Publix is Not All Sunshine and Smiles!”

Vote in style on Halloween – fun voting event in Charlotte! 10/31/14

Don’t be a ghoul, come right after school! There will be plenty of treats, because voting is sweet! Fun voting event at an early voting site in Charlotte on Halloween, 4-8pm. Put on by Women Voting Our Values, National Organization for Women, Charlotte Chapter, AFL-CIO NC, Action NC, and more! For more information from NOW,Continue reading “Vote in style on Halloween – fun voting event in Charlotte! 10/31/14”

What you can do to get out the vote NOW!

Vote yourself! Be sure to check NC NOW PAC and NOW PAC’s endorsements at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/nc-national-organization-for-women-announces-general-election-endorsements/ Motivate others to vote! NC NOW set up phone banking opportunities this Tuesday and Thursday around the state. We have phone banking sites for this Tuesday, Oct 28, and Thursday, Oct 30, in 5 cities. Over 100 thousand people votedContinue reading “What you can do to get out the vote NOW!”

NC NOW Conference Pictures and Summary

“Demand Justice for Women NOW” was the theme for our 2014 NC NOW State Conference, which we held in at the Chapel Hill Friends Meeting building. We had members from across NC, from Fayetteville to Asheville.  Three life members of NOW attended – Jan Allen, Mandy Carter and Margaret Mays.

NWLC Expert on women’s health coming to Raleigh – Oct 21

The next Crucial Conversations event brings Judy Waxman, an expert on health and reproductive rights from the National Women’s Law Center in DC, to you in and around the Triangle! “Especially in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s recent and now infamous ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, you won’t want to miss the opportunityContinue reading “NWLC Expert on women’s health coming to Raleigh – Oct 21”

Gigantic ERA event in DC on Sept 12/13, includes stars from NC!

You are invited to attend the rally heralding a new movement to pass the ERA! For rally info: http://rallyhub.wearewoman.us/event-info/ NC has 2 important speakers at the big ERA event in DC on Sept 13 – Marena Groll, and Madison Kimrey. Marena Groll has been convincing others of the need for ERA for years, and wasContinue reading “Gigantic ERA event in DC on Sept 12/13, includes stars from NC!”

Paliga: They know not what they do, apparently – 7/2/14 in Onslow Times

The internet is on fire discussing another terrible decision from our nation’s Supreme Court, another attack on women. On Monday, June 30, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby that for-profit employers can decide whether or not to cover their employees’ birth control and contraception. Strictly speaking, the conservative majority ruledContinue reading “Paliga: They know not what they do, apparently – 7/2/14 in Onslow Times”