North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #10 – 5 April 2021

This week saw the introduction of what is probably an historic number of bills to protect LGBTQ rights. All are much needed and way overdue. Bills further restricting women’s reproductive rights were also introduced. Read here about HB 2, the LBGTQ or gay panic defense, conversion therapy and the state of NC’s anti-discrimination law now.

NC NOW Legislative Update #11 – more derision and secret budget deals

Another busy week as another House Bill brings derision to NC, a House Representative gets national attention for a very inappropriate comment, and the Republicans are abusing their power in new and worse ways.

2017 Pro-choice Signature Ad Letter Rocks! Options for you..

Read the powerful pro-choice signature ad letter to legislators from NC NOW here! Help us deliver the packets today!

The Continuing Manufactured Disaster of HB2

A year after Governor McCrory signed it into law, HB2 continues to cause massive losses. In just one weekend in March, the city of Greensboro lost out on an estimated 14.5 MILLION DOLLARS because of House Bill 2! The loss of known opportunities continues to grow but the loss of unknown opportunities is hard to quantify.

NC Legislative Update #6 – 3/12/17

NC NOW legislative update #6 includes damage from the Trump administration’s new interpretation of Title IX, lawsuit updates, and bill tracking. Topics of bills include 3 interfering with access to abortion, multiple bills on HB2, two on ERA, and bills to raise the minimum wage. More than 2/3 of minimum wage workers are women in NC.

NC NOW Legislative Update #5 – 5 Mar 17

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #5 includes Governor Cooper’s proposed budget, dueling HB2 repeal press conferences, and extreme bills to handle cities and universities trying to protect their residents/students who are immigrants. Lawsuits related to the NCGA are being tracked too.

So many friends old and new at HKonJ, a homegrown phenomenon!

Some pictures showing the diversity and size of the HKonJ march and rally this year. Also a link to the many excellent speeches at the assembly.