Terrible bill targeting immigrants and the poor – daily protests need our support

HB318 is deceptively named the “Protect North Carolina Workers Act” since in reality, it directly hurts part-time workers and immigrants and other vulnerable populations. Read about it here.

Take Action: Tell our Labor Commissioner to DO HER JOB! (2015)

Companies are making millions and refusing to pay their employees for the employees work in too many cases. And the NC Dept of Labor is doing almost nothing to fix this – even though THEY HAVE THE POWER. Take Action!

NCGA waging wars on women, immigrants, the poor, and on non-partisanship! 9/25/15

This week’s legislative update is focused on progress in the various wars our legislature has been waging on the citizens of North Carolina. There have been developments in the War on Women, the War on Immigrants and the Poor, and the War on Non-Partisanship. The only good news to report is that the legislature is expected to adjourn next week.

Status of Women in the States, 2015 style

Wondering how women are doing in the US of A? There are some extremely large disparities between women and men, and also between women in different parts of the country, and by race and ethnicity. Read these new studies published in 2015 by the The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR ).