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Why nominee Neil Gorsuch is bad for the US Supreme Court

Please join some of NC’s progressive organizations as we speak out against Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch on Monday, March 20, at 11am, at 310 New Bern Ave, in front of Senator Thom Tillis’ office. See the facebook event for “Media event: Progressives speak out against Neil Gorsuch” at
NOW Urges that Senator(s) filibuster the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and, should a filibuster fail, vote “no”.
Main issues described in NOW’s brief.
  1. Republicans do not deserve control of this stolen seat.
  2. Gorsuch has a history of hostility toward all kinds of regular and disadvantaged people seeking protections from the privileged and the powerful.
  3. He tends to rule for billionaire donors and big corporations.
  4. He has a frightening willingness to limit women’s access to health care.
  5. He is extremely anti-abortion based on his writings.

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NFL’s “Beat Her Unconscious” Pink Jersey Sale! $59.95

Remember this disaster?  NFL football player Ray Rice knocks out his fiancee cold.  It’s caught on video, yet Rice is rewarded by the NFL – with a pink jersey showcasing his game jersey number on it.  Until the rest of the video coverage was leaked and the NFL couldn’t pretend anymore.

This article was published in the Onslow Times on 7/30/14.  It was written by Marena Groll, who did a column for the Onslow Times.  Marena’s articles are no longer available online at the Onslow Times (which folded), so at least now we have this one here.

NFL Player Ray Rice dragging unconscious fiancée out of elevator.  

He himself just knocked
her out.

Photo Credit: TMZ Sports

NFL’s “Beat Her Unconscious” Pink Jersey Sale! $59.95

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