Demand Justice For Women NOW! 10/11/14

Demand Justice for Women NOW! NC NOW State Conference Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 Chapel Hill Friends Meeting Building The NC National Organization For Women conference theme this year is “Demand Justice for Women NOW!”  Come hear Rep. Pricey Harrison, our excellent and exciting keynote speaker.  Rep. Harrison has proven commitment to women and the environment. Continue reading “Demand Justice For Women NOW! 10/11/14”

Gigantic ERA event in DC on Sept 12/13, includes stars from NC!

You are invited to attend the rally heralding a new movement to pass the ERA! For rally info: NC has 2 important speakers at the big ERA event in DC on Sept 13 – Marena Groll, and Madison Kimrey. Marena Groll has been convincing others of the need for ERA for years, and wasContinue reading “Gigantic ERA event in DC on Sept 12/13, includes stars from NC!”

Save the Date! NC NOW State Conference – 10/11/14

SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, OCTOBER 11 – NC NOW Annual Conference Please join us at our 2014 NC NOW state conference.  Our theme is “Demand Justice for Women NOW”.   Members and other feminists will enjoy an opportunity to connect with other chapter members across the state. The day will include presentations on the ERA andContinue reading “Save the Date! NC NOW State Conference – 10/11/14”

NC is bleeding money – NCGA could stop the hemmorrhaging!

Did you see the new estimates on the cost of the 2013 budget??  It’s 43% higher than before, according to the Fiscal Research Division of the NC General Assembly in a memo last Thursday, 7/24/14. The 2013 state tax cuts for the 2014 year – personal income tax cuts alone – will cost 43% overContinue reading “NC is bleeding money – NCGA could stop the hemmorrhaging!”

Women remember what happened in 2013!

It is hard to comprehend how much damage NC’s Conservative lawmakers did during the 2013 legislative session. The war on women may not have been what the NC General Assembly (NCGA) intended, but a war on women has been waged! The NCGA has dismantled much of women’s rights progress of the last 50 years! WomenContinue reading “Women remember what happened in 2013!”