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Sixteenth Annual SBA Birthday Celebration with Fay NOW

Fayetteville NOW announces its sixteenth annual Susan B. Anthony Birthday Reception!  Join us at the VFW Post 6018 in Fayetteville on Thursday, Feb 25, 2016, 5:30pm-7:30pm. 

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NC NOW Newsletter – August 2015

The August NC NOW newsletter is hot off the presses and available at

Weird mid-summer realities are being exposed because the NCGA is still in session—over 3 weeks past when the budget was due on Jun 30th.  Many of our conservative lawmakers are in San Diego with ALEC this week (Jul 22-24) and 8,592 of our Teacher Assistants could become unemployed over the next two years if they don’t fix the budget, more on page 4.  And remember, one of the first punitive pieces of legislation done in 2013 (House Bill 4) SLASHED unemployment amounts and how long people can receive it (from up to 26 weeks to around 12-16 weeks).  If the TAs are eligible for unemployment. 

Pink Slip Truth Tour – Fayetteville NC Stop

Photo Credit: Frank B. Maness 

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28 year old Sandra Bland died in police custody – this has to stop!

Sandra Bland died in police custody, and we know about her outrageous arrest —thanks mostly to the internet. Sandra Bland was a 28 year old Chicago-area woman who was found hanged in a jail cell in Texas three days after she was arrested during a traffic stop. Made me think of the McKinney Texas police officer attacking and subduing a 15-year-old African American girl who had been attending a neighborhood pool party that we covered in our last newsletter. We know about both cases thanks to the internet, and the fact that they were captured on video. Unfortunately, video didn’t save Sandra Bland. We can hope the visibility and people’s outrage will force changes in the US.

sandrabland2.heavy_com.lgem                                            Sandra Bland    Photo credit:

Bland was stopped for changing lanes without using her turn signal on July 10, 2015. She was arrested after Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, Brian Encinia, escalated the encounter, obvious from the videos which have been released.  

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