NC NOW Statement on George Floyd Murder and Changes Needed

The injustice of systemic racism and discrimination must come to an end. We pledge to work individually and as a group to do whatever is necessary to support our brothers and sisters who have suffered for too long under the present system. Racial justice is a feminist issue as well as a national issue. We call for the following.

NC NOW Newsletter – August 2015

The August 2015 NC NOW Newsletter shows upcoming events and new articles on Sandra Bland, budget threatening 8,592 more TAs and keeping public school staff and children in limbo, push to expand Medicaid, and new study showing the vast majority of women do NOT regret having abortions.

28 year old Sandra Bland died in police custody – this has to stop!

Sandra Bland died in police custody in TX, and we know about her outrageous arrest —thanks mostly to the internet and videos. Why was she arrested in the first place, and what happened to her in jail? We can hope the visibility and people’s outrage will help make long overdue changes in the US.