Free early screening of TRAPPED in Raleigh on 5/6/16

Free screening of documentary on how abortion laws (TRAP laws) affect doctors, patients and clinics in different states. Information on related current Supreme Court cases too.

Inspiration for Roe, 2016 Roe Event

Annual event commemorating Roe v. Wade, this year screening Vessel. Their ‘journey’ will impress you and inspire you. 2016 marks the 43rd anniversary of that decision which gave women the right to control their own bodies.

NC NOW’s 18th and 19th legislative updates are available for members

NC NOW’s eighteenth and nineteenth legislative updates are available for members. These are the June 13 and June 6 Legislative Updates. All updates include a list of bills that NC NOW is tracking.

Take Action on HB465 – Call Your House Representative

The Senate has rewritten the anti-abortion bill HB465 and changed its title to make it sound innocent. It is not – this bill has all the problems from edition 2 plus more snuck in on top. Contact your House Representatives and ask them to vote against this heinous bill.

HB465 protests around the state, join us!

HB465 forces doctors to send ultrasounds and more of women’s private medical records to DHHS, and triples the waiting period before a woman can try getting an abortion (24 to 72 hours). Join us May 4-May 11 in protest to bring attention to this bad bill.

2015 Spring NC NOW Newsletter

See NC NOW’s latest newsletter. Do you know HB465 includes new OUTRAGEOUS requirements for the physician who ’causes miscarriage or abortion’ after 18 weeks to SEND THE WOMAN’S ULTRASOUNDS, MEASUREMENTS, ETC TO DHHS!!!!! What TPP is? What Fast Track is? How safe abortions really are? How unsafe college campuses really are? Find out about theseContinue reading “2015 Spring NC NOW Newsletter”

Second Silent Sentinels Vigil at NCGA in the news!

The second Silent Sentinels vigil was done in conjunction with Women’s Advocacy Day, Apr 21, 2015.encourage Judiciary I to move the House ERA bill (H166) along. The second vigil was held in front of the office of the Vice Chair of Judiciary I. Last time it was held in front of the Chair of Judiciary I’s office. Next time – on to the Senate to help S184!

Feminist Films for April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month

There are 2 excellent new documentaries playing around NC to educate and inspire women! “The Hunting Ground” in Fayetteville and “The Vessel” in Winston-Salem. “The Hunting Ground” is especially pertinent as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Give a holler to Nelson Dollar to fight HB465!

Take action against a really over-the-top anti-abortion bill, House Bill 465. One phone call will help stop this terrible, overreaching bill in its tracks. Before it eliminates programs that train women’s doctors at universities in NC. And more.