Women’s March on Raleigh 2017 – Spread The Word!

Going into the New Year, we will not be silent! It is time to make our movement explode onto the scene. SPREAD THE WORD!!! More on the 2017 Women’s March on Raleigh here. #womensmarchonraleigh

Women’s March on Raleigh: Women Mobilizing NC

Join us in Raleigh to march and rally in support of women and in solidarity with people in Washington DC and around the country. Get hooked up with existing organizations and make a difference NOW!

December plans for Fayetteville, Triad, Asheville and Chlt NOW chapters

December events with Fayetteville NOW, Charlotte NOW, Triad NOW and Asheville NOW. Triangle events in a separate post.

Shining the light on anti-immigrant program targeting teenagers

I am inspired by some of President Obama’s speeches, but appalled at his Operation Border Guardian which directs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take children (18 years old) and throw them in jails, sometimes private jails (even worse). In implementation, ICE is grabbing these teenagers on their way to school, off school buses, and out ofContinue reading “Shining the light on anti-immigrant program targeting teenagers”

Serious Feminist History Available on C-Span!

See some Feminist history for yourself! C-Span taped one of the sessions from NOW’s National Conference celebrating NOW’s part in 50 years of progress! Watch at home or with friends!

She Wins, We Win event press advisory – 3/2/16

See the press advisory for the Make History press conference and rally. At this event, National Women’s Rights Leaders Join NC Leaders in Support of Hillary Clinton

Campus visits with Ellie Smeal and Terry O’Neill in NC

Join Ellie Smeal, President of Feminist Majority, and Terry O’Neill, President of NOW for any of 3 events around North Carolina. Events in Charlotte, the Triad on Mar 2, and in the Triangle on Mar 3.