DeVos vows to revoke and replace campus sexual assault guidelines

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos threatens to rollback guidelines the Obama Administration provided to colleges and universities requiring them to handle rape allegations swiftly and fairly. DeVos claims that enforcing women’s civil rights under Title IX is unfair to accused rapists! Read more here.

What you can do now to spread the word on danger of campus assaults

Recap of successful event on sexual assault on campus which featured documentary subject Annie Clark. What you can do now to reach and protect more students, parents and grandparents. Awareness is key to fix the system that puts students in such danger in the first place. Mostly but not only females are attacked.

Diverse Group Celebrated Women’s Equality Day in Fayetteville – 8/27/16

Fayetteville NOW and Quaker House celebrated Women’s Equality Day on 8/27/16 with an afternoon event in Fayetteville.

Documentary recommendations

Read about 3 excellent documentaries you’ll want to see! Explore problems of campus rape and dangerous portrayal of women in media and culture. Be inspired by a sea captain/doctor bringing information and assistance to women in countries where abortion is banned.

See “The Hunting Ground” for Free on TV! 11/22/15, 8pm

Documentary on campus rape in the US, “The Hunting Ground,” is available for screening. As a special treat, CNN is broadcasting it on Sunday, Nov 22, 2015, at 8pm. Watch alone or with a group. Appropriate for mid teen and older. Definitely not younger children.

Terrible bill targeting immigrants and the poor – daily protests need our support

HB318 is deceptively named the “Protect North Carolina Workers Act” since in reality, it directly hurts part-time workers and immigrants and other vulnerable populations. Read about it here.