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NCGA waging wars on women, immigrants, the poor, and on non-partisanship! 9/25/15

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #32 Summary – Sep. 25, 2015

NCGA waging wars on women, immigrants, the poor, and on non-partisanship! 
This week’s legislative update is focused on progress in the various wars our legislature has been waging on the citizens of North Carolina. There have been developments in the War on Women, the War on Immigrants and the Poor, and the War on Non-Partisanship.  The only good news to report is that the legislature is expected to adjourn next week. But adjournment probably will not mean that the bad proposals that did not pass before adjournment will die. They can be kept alive by assigning them to study committees. Bills based on the recommendations of study committees can be considered in a short session—the tactic that was used to bring up the Equal Rights Amendment in 1982 to circumvent a “gentleman’s agreement” that it would not be considered in that short session.

is it over yet dog

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Take Action: Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate! Lawmakers go after it again.

TAKE ACTION! Fight to keep sex ed medically accurate!  Tell your Senator to vote NO on the House version of Senate Bill 279!

The bill is on the Senate calendar for Monday evening (Sep. 21, 2015).

The week of Sep. 14, a House committee passed a committee substitute for SB279, a bill that in its original form dealt only with licensing requirements for counseling.  The committee substitute, passed on September 15, rewrote the licensing requirements and added (1) a requirement to teach about sex trafficking in middle school health and safety programs and (2) struck language that required materials used in sex ed programs be accepted by “experts in the field of sexual health education” and substituted the vague term “experts”  

Opponents to the change, like NC NOW, believe that its purpose is to allow faith-based sex education in public schools. 

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