Paliga: Burr and Tillis – “F” for FAIL

Why did Senators Burr and Tillis completely ignore their responsibilities and their constituents’ calls and vote for Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary? Here are some problems with DeVos and some history with Burr and Tillis blocking and stonewalling well-qualified African American women nominees in the past.

Newsletter available online – Oct/Nov 2016

NC NOW Newsletter for October/November 2016 is available online.  What are some of the topics covered in it? What do we do now (after the election)? We celebrated NOW’s 50th anniversary and this historic time in US history of a woman running for president, and running as the candidate with the absolute most experience of the bunch. More onContinue reading “Newsletter available online – Oct/Nov 2016”

Senator Burr Blocks Another Black Female From 10 Year Judicial Vacancy

Patricia Timmons-Goodson is an extremely well qualified justice who served NC as judge and justice for decades. Yet, Senator Richard Burr is blocking her as he has blocked 3 other black females from federal positions since 2013.

#DoYourJob Senators Burr and Tillis!

NC’s US Senators Burr and Tillis are refusing to do their job – both are blocking President Obama’s US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominee – Merrick Garland. Before that, both Burr and Tillis blocked NC native Loretta Lynch when she was nominated for US Attorney General. Senator Burr has further blocked qualified women from filling the federal judge position in Eastern NC – twice!

Intent vs. Impact, speech on anti-abortion language in JVTA and blocking qualified women

Speech from Trust Women press conference on 4/8/15 about the Hyde Amendment, the anti-abortion wording in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act and our US Senators’ interference with Loretta Lynch and Jennifer May-Parker nominations for federal positions.

Upcoming events for April 2015

Many opportunities to participate – in person and from your computer. There are rallies, a Silent Sentinals action, easy actions to take from home, Women’s Advocacy Day, and Pro-choice Signature Ad delivery. These are all in April, 2015.

How to contact NC’s US Senators – Burr and Tillis

Looks like there are going to be many reasons to contact the United States Senators representing North Carolina, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. You can call or write them or email them.  Calling is faster, but writing leaves a permanent record. Better yet – call and write!

Press Conference: Why is Sen. Burr Blocking Federal Judge? 5/2/14

ABC 11 has their coverage of the press conference, “Activists asking why Sen. Burr seems to be blocking North Carolina’s first African-American female federal judge nomination,” at They ran it multiple times, as did the other 2 stations that covered us!

FB: Ironic response from Senator Burr’s office (4/10/14) – give him a call yourself!

Got a really ironic response to my letter and call on the blocking of the nomination of Jennifer May-Parker for the long standing vacancy in the Eastern District of NC by Senator Burr. As you may remember, Sen. Burr recommended May-Parker in 2009 (letter captured at Huffington Post, link found at “Richard Burr Blocks JudicialContinue reading “FB: Ironic response from Senator Burr’s office (4/10/14) – give him a call yourself!”