Tax Cuts Bill is a FIVE ALARM FIRE! Call or write now!

DC friends are hearing from Senate staff that there are not enough calls going to the Senate to stop the tax bill which will inevitably result in cuts to health care programs and more pain for the middle class and the poor. Call or write NOW! THIS IS A FIVE ALARM FIRE!

NC NOW Legislative Update #15 – Retaliation in the Senate

Not only did the Senate run past 3am on 5/12/17, but the Senate retaliated by targetting school children for being delayed from passing their version of the budget. Read more about the Senate’s budget, which includes a billion-dollar tax cut package, and next steps for the budget, at North Carolina NOW Legislative Update 15.14May17. You’ll also find updates on ERA, Lawsuits, and our bill tracking.

Teachers and Public Education further hurt by NC budget proposals (2016)

Instead of funding desperately needed 2 percent raises for state employees and a cost-of-living increase for retirees, the NC Senate budget continues diverting almost $600 million to a rainy day fund, which is too much money considering we are starving our public schools. Action options here.

Legislative Update #5

This week the focus was still on the budget. The Senate released its plan for teacher pay raises, and the plan is significantly more ambitious (and costly) than the House budget.The House and Senate also disagree about how to phase in cuts to state income tax by raising the standard deduction. The whole approach to the budget represents a triumph of ideology over reality and guarantees that many of the needs of North Carolina citizens will go unmet to keep budgets low and allow even more tax cuts.

NCGA claimed a budget agreement – wouldn’t tell us about it

NC NOW Legislative Update #30 talks about how the House and Senate claim that a budget agreement has been reached – 10.5 weeks late.  But the lawmakers won’t give us the details until the following week! It still needs to be reviewed and voted upon – by the end of the week (Sep. 18) to meet the third extension deadline.  

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #21 Summary – June 27, 2015

The summary discusses the NC Senate’s budget and attacks on education and anti-discrimination laws. Also read about the non-standard process used to make ‘elections modifications’ in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling against Voter ID.

Moral Monday Reunited (Apr 29) summary and next Moral Movement events

On the “Moral Monday Reunited” event on April 29, 2015, which marked the 2 year anniversary of the first Moral Monday protest of immoral and cruel policies coming out of the NC General Assembly in Raleigh.