Action: Still time to tell your reps to uphold Governor’s veto of HB453

See “The Governor Was Right To Veto Dangerous NC Anti-Abortion Bill“There is still time to write your representative and/or write your newspaper. The N.C. legislature is expected to call up a vote on whether to override or uphold Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of House Bill 453. This bill is what is commonly known as a “reason” ban, whichContinue reading “Action: Still time to tell your reps to uphold Governor’s veto of HB453”

North Carolina NOW Legislative Actions – 23 August 2021

Take actions on up to 4 issues. In fact, for each issue, you can write your representative, write a letter to the editor, or both!

Take action against outrageous CPC allocations in NC Budgets

So far there has been little to no media coverage of the millions of dollars of taxpayer money that both Senate and House budgets are allocating for crisis pregnancy centers, CPCs. The amount of money allocated for these fake clinics keeps going up. For the 2021/2022 budget, the Senate proposed $4 million to CPCs, andContinue reading “Take action against outrageous CPC allocations in NC Budgets”

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update – 16 August 2021

Senate Bill 35 has passed the House and has been placed on the Senate calendar for final approval on August 16. This bill raises the marriage age to 16 under all circum-stances, including pregnancy, requires parental consent for marriage at age 16 or 17, and further requires that there must be no more than a 4-year age difference between the parties to allow marriage under age 18.  The bill is expected to pass. Currently, children as young as 14 can marry in this state, a situation that has made North Carolina a go-to state for child marriages.  Last year, for example, two-thirds of marriage license applications in Buncombe County, a county that includes Asheville, were from out-of staters seeking to marry underage partners.  We are finally ready to close the book on that ugly chapter.  Also talking about state budget, Governor Cooper’s priorities, and how state budget defectors take leverage away from the governor.

NC NOW Legislative Update #24 – 7/29/19

Updates on state budget bill which had been vetoed by Governor Cooper, and a stand-alone bill to expand Medicaid. The most noteworthy development this week was that Rep. Cody Henson, R-Transylvania, has resigned his seat after pleading guilty to cyberstalking his estranged wife. Read more here. There was no legislative update for 7/22/19.

NC NOW Legislative Update #23 – 7/15/19

Republicans are scrambling to find enough votes to override Governor Cooper’s veto of the state budget (i.e., offering pork), but are meeting Democratic resistance. There has been movement to report on the issue of Medicaid expansion, an issue that is closely tied to the budget deadlock. The governor has advanced budget negotiations by offering a compromise bill. Read about all of this here.

NC NOW Legislative Update #19 – The Veto Is Sustained! – 10 Jun 2019

The Week 19 summary talks about sustaining Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of one of the abortion ban bills (the so called Born Alive type ban). The next big thing should be reconciling the Senate and House budgets, and what Governor Cooper may do, since both budgets are problematic.

NC NOW Legislative Update #18 – Senate Budget and Budget Process – 3 Jun 2019

The Week 18 summary discusses how the NC Senate passed its budget and virtually excluded Democrats from any participation in the process. It talks about the next step, which is reconciling the House and Senate versions of the budget. And that maybe the 11th override vote scheduled on the so-called Born Alive type bill may actually take place on June 5.