NC NOW has  a Political Action Committee (PAC) that works hard to vet and endorse pro-choice, pro-women, and pro-children and families candidates that align with our mission. It is essential to elect candidates that will protect women’s rights. We need to vote. But, we MUST contribute money to the candidates who will speak for women, fight to address women’s issues, and vote to address women’s issues!

I’m asking you to consider a generous contribution to the NC NOW PAC. Let’s raise some money so that we can re-elect those who have supported us in the past and add new voices that will speak out on our issues. 

To donate to the NC NOW PAC, please fill in this contact form and then go on to PayPal (whether or not you have a PayPal account).

You can pay through Paypal through the links below, print off the form and mail it, or enter your information and we will mail or email you a followup letter/invoice.  You can also donate to NC NOW anonymously using the appeal form and online.

Donate amount you chose above, using this this button:

Note: Contributions to Political Action Committees are not tax-deductible.

You need to provide your employer and occupation as required by law.


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