Free Stuff and more!

1. Free 2014 Love Your Body Campaign posters at the NC NOW office in Raleigh.  These are the 12″x 9″ versions of the poster in shades of reds, greens and brown.

Contact northcarolinanow at or president at to get yours!

The NOW Foundation part of NOW has run a Love Your Body campaign for years and years.  Every year, there is a contest for a new poster as the new face of the campaign.  Read more at

2. Do you love (or want to get to know) feminist literature?  The NC NOW office has a mini-library with books and videos.  Come borrow one!

3. Not free, but still a great deal, we have feminist buttons, bumper stickers for sale, $2 for one, $3 for two.


4. Remember our deep purple “Forward NOW, Not Back” t-shirts
Show up at events as part of the group!


For sale at $15 each.  Contact president at

5. New “Women’s March On Raleigh” t-shirts. I ordered some new sand colored ones in many sizes. I also have a few lady’s cut white ones in a few sizes.  These are $20. They cost more to make, probably due to more colors involved.

Picture coming soon. Contact president at

2 responses to “Free Stuff and more!

  1. Harry Moncelle

    Where can I purchase bumper stickers and buttons?

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