Join NOW

You can help change the direction of our country and take women’s rights off the bargaining table!  Join NOW!

When you join NOW, your membership covers national, state and local dues.  Please let us know what NC NOW chapter you’d like to belong to by choosing a chapter.  If you choose not to affiliate with a local chapter, you will be considered an ‘at-large’ member in NC, so you may miss notice of local events.

You can join online or using a printed form. You can find membership forms at NC NOW membership form – 2016 and in any of our NC NOW Newsletters.

Please print one of the membership forms and mail it to your local NOW chapter or to NC NOW – NC NOW Membership Form.  The address for NC NOW is P.O. Box 24995, Raleigh NC  27611.

If you prefer to join and pay by credit card, continue here where you can join in 2 steps. First, we will collect your information online with this form. Second, you can pay online through the Paypal system.

About You

Click the appropriate link below to be transferred to to pay online with a credit card or PayPal account.  If you have trouble using Paypal, NC NOW can email or mail you.  Membership cannot be processed until dues are received.

To pay the standard dues, click here and use PayPal to pay $35

To pay reduced dues, click here and use PayPal to pay $20.

To pay a different amount between $15 and infinity, or to pay by check or credit card a different way, please print the membership form at NC NOW membership form and mail in.

Go to the Donate NOW page to make a donation.

If you want to join for multiple years or for life (2 years at $65, 3 years at $95 or lifetime membership at $1000), please write that in the ‘notes’ field and we will process for you.

Mail printed form and payment to
PO Box 24995
Raleigh NC  27611



15 thoughts on “Join NOW

  1. What’s the difference between the $35 and $20 membership fees?

    $35 is the standard fee. But people can pay less to join if they are more comfortable doing so. A person can pay less without having to prove anything. Kind of nice.

  2. I would like to know what I can do to make a difference in opposing current events. I am interested in contacting congress on such issues. I feel if I were part of a group my voice would be louder. Please let me know where I am needed! I would love to think I didn’t March in vain!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Join NOW! Come to the chapter meetings nearest you. Watch our posts and look for action emails (which you’ll get by joining NC NOW and including your email address). National NOW sends useful things too, including a script of what to say about unfit nominees. Two left at this point – Reach Burr and Tillis as in the post at

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