National NOW Conference 2017 Summary

National NOW Board Member Audrey Muck writes the following summary of the 2017 National NOW Conference. The conference was in Orlando in late June and early July. New national leadership was elected at this conference. In July, Audrey wrote, 

“Greetings from Orlando! I’m putting the finishing touches on this email in the airport, exhilarated by the national NOW conference this weekend! We elected new national leadership (read more about that here), adopted five national action programs covering reproductive rights, ratifying the ERA, ending the criminalization of survivors of sexual abuse, protecting voting rights and advancing immigrant rights; plus three additional resolutions concerning predatory lending, supporting the rights of indigenous women and endorsing the Cities for CEDAW (the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women). There were amazing speakers, seminars on too many subjects to mention here, plus the pleasure of spending the weekend in the company of dedicated, passionate feminists!  ~ Audrey

Photo Credit: Audrey Muck

More on the National Action Program plans at “NOW Launches National Action Program.” You can find national NOW’s writeups on National Action Programs (and its 5 campaigns) here. These includes national actions associated with the programs.

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