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NC NOW Legislative Update #11 – more derision and secret budget deals

The week ending 15 April 2017 has been another busy week at the NCGA, as captured in North_Carolina_NOW_Legislative_Update_11.v3.16Apr17.

A bill introduced in the legislature again made North Carolina the object of national derision.  House Bill 780, Uphold Historical Marriage, declared that the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage is null and void in North Carolina and that the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage should be enforced.  After a national outcry, Speaker Moore publicly announced that this bill will never be heard in committee, that it is dead.  But damage had already been done. See http://www.wral.com/gay-marriage-ban-filed-in-nc-house-/16639157/, 4/11/17.

Then neo-Confederate Rep. Larry Pittman (also a sponsor or HB780) attracted national attention by stating that Abraham Lincoln was the same kind of tyrant as Hitler. 

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NC really matters this election! Could be Super Battleground Status!

The Charlotte Observer says “In this year’s tight election, [NC] has jumped to ‘super battleground’ status,” 11/5/16.

The article states, “With pollsters and pundits calling it the key battleground state of 2016, [NC has] been in the national spotlight for months. And Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have visited North Carolina so often – along with their running mates and surrogate campaigners – that you’d think they were running for governor, not for president.” True!


NC has 3 extremely critical races of huge significance to the nation—

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Encourage women to vote via letters – next Raleigh NOW meeting

Have you been able to help get out the vote this year? Register any voters? Encourage friends to vote? Help with interviews for endorsements?

There are many ways to get out the vote. Here is one you can do from a distance – either from home, or at a house party with friends, or at a meeting – writing letters to encourage women to vote.

woman reading pages

Our letters will not be this long!

There are a few organizations running letter writing campaigns. NC Women Matter (NCWM) is coordinating a non-partisan, grassroots letter writing campaign with other non-profits, like AAUW-NC and LWV-NC.  NCWM leader Pat Orrange says you will enjoy “both the civic engagement and the social networking!”

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Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC – 2016

Very excited about the Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC. Friday, Aug 26, at 4pm, in Manteo!

Equal Means Equal No More Excuses

This is a must-see! Pulls you in right away. Do you remember these terrible quotes?  “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down!” Recent past, people. See the trailer here! Print your own copies or jump to links at Equal_Means_Equal_Announcment_Manteo_LVW_ERA_Links_v2_2016.


Legislative Update #7, options for HB 2 now

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #7 for the Short Session

11 June 2016

The House failed to concur with the Senate budget on Thursday (06/08/2016); therefore, a conference committee will be appointed with representatives from both the House and the Senate to negotiate a final budget.  The negotiations will be conducted behind closed doors, but there will be rumors and leaks to indicate—accurately or inaccurately—how the negotiations are progressing.

Rumors are swirling that the House and Senate are close to a deal on HB2—but there is no agreement on what could be in the deal.  The Republicans are caught between the religious right—who wants them to do nothing—and business interests—who want them to make it all go away.  There are a lot of alternatives available:

(1)    Do nothing and let the courts handle the matter.  This would make the religious right happy.

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Pro-Choice Signature Ad Packets are ready!

Join us to deliver the Pro-Choice Signature Ad Packets to our legislators at their offices in Raleigh on Monday, 5/23/16.  We run our pro-choice signature ad in Indy Week every year to commemorate the Roe v. Wade anniversary.  Later during the year, we deliver packets including signature ads to our legislators to remind them of the many pro-choice residents of our state.

Members from around NC are delivering NC NOW’s pro-choice signature ad packets to all of our legislators on May 23, 2016. Please join us!  This year our packet includes a letter from NC NOW summarizing anti-choice legislation and the harm that HB 2 does, an article about anti-choice legislation signed into law in 2015, as well as an article about how disastrous HB 2 is for women.


Roberta Waddle speaking out against HB465 on May 8, 2015, in Fayetteville NC. Part of “Don’t Break Your Promise” tour. Photo Credit: Hannah Osborne

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NC NOW Legislative Update #2 of 2016 Short Session

NC NOW Lobbyist Robin Davis has some unusual insight into HB 2 and the emerging battle between NC Leadership and the Federal Government.

“This emerging battle between North Carolina and the federal government has eerie echoes of the battle to desegregate Southern schools. For ten years many Southern school districts refused to implement desegregation and capitulated only after the federal government threatened to withhold federal education funds. Ironically, Governor McCrory is invoking the Constitutional right to privacy in his defense of HB2—the same provision that arch-conservatives have always declared mythical because it is used to defend a woman’s right to choose abortion.”

See the whole legislative update #2 at North Carolina NOW Legislative Update.7 May 2016

HB2 Hurts All Residents – Look NOW!

HB 2 goes way beyond bathrooms and attacking LGBT.  It removes core worker anti-discrimination protections that state law has provided to workers since the 1970s. Also, how disastrous HB 2 is for women needs to be shared!  

Starting with how terrible HB 2 is for EVERYONE.  In”A lawyer’s perspective on why HB2 is a plague infested rat,” 4/28/16, author Sean Herrmann writes,

“[F]or the first time in decades, North Carolina courts closed their doors to those fired because of their race, sex, age, disability, national origin, or religion. Those wrongfully terminated are left with only federal discrimination laws, which are largely inferior to the now defunct state discrimination claims. North Carolina joins Mississippi as the only two states that do not offer their citizens state law protection against the most basic forms of discrimination. “

rat.thesunuk                                                          Photo Credit: The Sun (UK)

Thus, HB2 leaves employees who are fired because they are not white, or because they are female or because they are not Christian (or because they are Christian!) without any effective protections under state law.

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Major SCOTUS cases being heard – especially rotten Texas abortion law case


More than 100 women lawyers and other women in the legal profession told the US Supreme Court why their abortions mattered on January 6, 2016.  This was done in preparation for a major abortion case that will be heard by the US Supreme Court in March involving a Texas law that imposes TRAP law requirements on abortion clinics.  This case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, is seen as a serious threat to the landmark Roe v. Wade.  

According to “More Than 100 Lawyers Tell The Supreme Court Why Their Abortions Mattered,” 1/1/16, in the Huffington Post,

“Women from virtually every corner of the legal profession told the Supreme Court on Monday why their decisions to seek abortions earlier in life meant the world to who they are today.”

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NC NOW Conference focuses feminists power!

NC NOW had an exciting state conference on Oct 10, 2015.  We hold these annual conferences for a few reasons.  State conferences are where we elect our state officers, but also, where NOW members and other feminists gather to get organized and motivated to do the work that we do.  That is work that we love to do!

Our theme, “Focusing Women’s Power NOW!” is a call to action!  Also a reminder that our actions do make a difference. We are focusing women’s power by doing education on issues + taking action = social change.  Our planned morning session included panels on progress and issues on 6 topics – racism, economic security, reproductive rights, Violence Against Women, LGBTTQQIIA, and ERA.  Our afternoon session included workshops on working with the media, helping good people get elected, and planning actions.  See the agenda, biographies and more in the NC_NOW_program_2015.

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