You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!

Can you believe the following statistics from a US Senate survey and report? 1 in 5 undergraduate women are victims of sexual assault on campus. Fewer than 5% of these rape victims report their attack to law enforcement. 8% of institutions don’t allow confidential reporting of rapes and sexual assaults. Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri) had theContinue reading “You won’t believe how unsafe universities are for undergraduate women!”

Simple Justice, Long Overdue – Why We Need ERA Now!

Many people today take for granted that equal rights between men and women are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution – and are shocked when they learn that they are not. To this day, the right to vote is the only right guaranteed to the women.  And women make up more than 50% of the U.S.Continue reading “Simple Justice, Long Overdue – Why We Need ERA Now!”

TPP and how trade agreements can hurt women especially

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a regional Nafta-style trade agreement, which would grant even greater privileges to transnational corporations, and further hurt workers, communities and women in countries involved in TPP.

Don’t give anyone the right to discriminate – reject SB 2!

Take action against SB 2, which would give magistrates the right to decide who gets their services according to their own personal beliefs and prejudices.

Fearless Carla Cunningham and Introduction of ERA in NC

ERA is ‘in the air,’ according to the NC National Organization for Women. The ERA stars in a new book, Equal Means Equal, was mentioned in an Oscar award acceptance speech last Sunday, and (big announcement!) is being introduced at the NC Legislature this session. ERA would address ongoing pay inequity, workplace discrimination and violence against women!

Which issues matter most to you?

The NC NOW Legislative Agenda for 2014/2015 is developed with input from NC NOW members.  The agenda outlines the organization’s public policy priorities. To determine these priorities we had asked NC NOW chapters to network with their members and complete the survey below identifying priorities. We will also check on priorities at the conference, afterContinue reading “Which issues matter most to you?”

Wear red or purple or magenta – or rainbow! Moral Monday on education June 9, 2014!

At the Moral Monday for education tonight – you can wear red to support public education. Or dress with your group. Dark purple for NC NOW. Magenta with Planned Parenthood. Looks like Yellow for workers, and some previous arrestees have yellow shirts..