HB2 Hurts All Residents – Look NOW!

Don’t get distracted! HB 2 is horrible for all residents of NC. North Carolina joins Mississippi as the only two states that do not offer their citizens state law protection against the most basic forms of discrimination. You may be surprised how bad it is for women.

NC NOW Press Release: HB 2 Disastrous for Women

The new law resulting from House Bill 2 (HB 2) goes way beyond the LGBT community. The extensive changes to protections in this bill hurt women in shocking ways.

Fayetteville NOW hosts another round of “Cracking the Code”

Fayetteville NOW is working with other organizations to promote discussions around race and white privilege via a 3 part ‘Cracking the Code” series. This series works to promote understanding each other through cultural awareness.

Documentary recommendations

Read about 3 excellent documentaries you’ll want to see! Explore problems of campus rape and dangerous portrayal of women in media and culture. Be inspired by a sea captain/doctor bringing information and assistance to women in countries where abortion is banned.

Governor McCrory signs bill targeting immigrants and poor people

Links to articles on a bill which targets immigrants and poor people. The anti-immigration sections go into effect immediately. This bill was signed by Governor McCrory on 10/29/15.

Important events this week – Die In on 10/28/15, McCrory protest on 10/29/15

2 important protest events this week – dramatic die-in on NC’s continued refusal to expand Medicaid and even larger protest of HB318 which targets immigrants, veterans, part time workers, and other vulnerable populations.