Democratic Party is Disrespecting Women, Women are Disengaging

The Democratic Party has announced plans to back anti-choice candidates. This plan disrespects women’s health, welfare, safety and economic security!!  Supporting anti-choice candidates throws women’s needs under the bus. Women are really angry, and leaving! One CNN article called it “Democrats’ disastrous mistake on abortion.” Please tell them and show them your outrage, rather than just disengaging. This plan hurts all women!

“I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop Summary and Pix

Great turnout at the “I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop  on Jun 7, 2017, at the NC Legislative Building. See pix. Our message was for legislators to move the ERA bills out of the Rules Committee, and give them the public hearings they deserve!

Alfonso: I came out feeling empowered..

Prof. Gene Nichol really inspired a High School student who went with NC NOW to see Nichol speak on income inequality. The student wrote a paragraph on his experience which began, “I learned so much from a man I knew so little about, that man’s name was Gene R. Nichol.” Read more here.

The Continuing Manufactured Disaster of HB2

A year after Governor McCrory signed it into law, HB2 continues to cause massive losses. In just one weekend in March, the city of Greensboro lost out on an estimated 14.5 MILLION DOLLARS because of House Bill 2! The loss of known opportunities continues to grow but the loss of unknown opportunities is hard to quantify.

National Followup to Women’s Marches – action and education!

Followup to the women’s marches #1 – contact your Congresswoman or Congressman and tell them We need to let everyone know that it wasn’t an isolated event! We need to keep pressure on Congress and the US Senate.

Women’s March on Raleigh 2017 – Spread The Word!

Going into the New Year, we will not be silent! It is time to make our movement explode onto the scene. SPREAD THE WORD!!! More on the 2017 Women’s March on Raleigh here. #womensmarchonraleigh

Best Cake Ever! And other highlights from ERA-NC event.

The cake was exceptional, as was everything else at the ERA-NC Alliance Launch event on Equal Pay Day (4/12/16) at WFU. Press conference, panel discussion and reception included. Read about it here.