Women’s INEquality Day Event in Raleigh on 8/26/21

101 years later, women are CELEBRATING women’s right to vote and DEMANDING the Equal Rights Amendment. North Carolina lawmakers and state officials rallied alongside statewide women’s rights groups at the North Carolina Legislative Building in Raleigh at 10 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 26, to demand that members of the General Assembly finally vote to ratify theContinue reading “Women’s INEquality Day Event in Raleigh on 8/26/21”

Make Women’s Equality Day 2021 Count – ERA Rally in Raleigh on Aug 26!

ERA-NC Alliance and lead organizations like NC NOW have organized an exciting and fun ERA rally emphasizing the INequalities that women still face and how ERA could address them. We are calling this a Women’s INequality Event, since the day is dedicated to remembering when some women, not all women, got the right to voteContinue reading “Make Women’s Equality Day 2021 Count – ERA Rally in Raleigh on Aug 26!”

Lobbyist Involvement In Fundraiser Causes Cancellation, More Articles

There are so many important and interesting articles, we don’t want to lose track of them. In North Carolina, we have the lobbyist involved in the fundraiser being former Raleigh mayor Tom Fetzer, who told contacts that the fundraiser recipient could succeed House speaker Tim Moore. The 2 year anniversary of the murders at UNC-CharlotteContinue reading “Lobbyist Involvement In Fundraiser Causes Cancellation, More Articles”

NC NOW Legislative Update #10 – 8 April 2019 – Two Pro-women Bills Introduced

Week 10, another bad abortion bill was introduced, this bill also does not hold up under scientific scrutiny.  Also, NCGA interference in law enforcement, as they threaten Sheriffs with massive fines to force them to work as extensions of ICE. Two positive bills were filed – the North Carolina Equal Pay Act and the Enact NC Healthy Pregnancy Act. In the full legislative update, you can see summary and status of the list of bills NC NOW is tracking.

ERA NC Advocacy Day a Big Hit – 6/27/18

Summary of ERA NC Advocacy Day 2018 on Wednesday, 6/27/18. At least 100 women and a few good men from across North Carolina participated in the event, many dressed in green and white. The event was organized by the ERA-NC Alliance and associated groups (including NC NOW, NC4ERA, RatifyERANC, AAUW-NC, LWV-NC, BPW-NC), at the NC Legislative Building in Raleigh.

ERA Alliance Launch Event – 4/12/16

Exciting news! Launch event for the first state alliance of the ERA Coalition organization – in NC! Includes panel discussion, book signing, and reception. We are featuring Jessica Neuwirth, author and the president of the ERA Coalition.