NC NOW Legislative Update, 21 May 2018

This is the first legislative update for the NC General Assembly’s 2018 “short session” which began on 5/16/18. A gigantic teachers rally greeted the legislators on the first day. The legislative budgets also talks about the budget, including the $347 million dollar surplus this year (through 6/30/18), with some speculation about what the session may include. Also, the ERA is still alive!

Equal Means Equal Showing in Chapel Hill on 2/17/18

If you have not seen this important documentary, Equal Means Equal, now is your chance! If you’ve only seen it once, you may want to see it again. It shows us the real situation of women in the United States. Very intense. We will discuss afterward.

NC NOW Legislative Update #12 – vetoes, ERA is HOT topic!

Our state courts at all levels are being politicized. Governor Cooper vetoed 1 bills on that. He also vetoed a bill in which the NCGA is interfering with election boards. Crossover deadline is approaching. See updates on bills that we are tracking, some are moving.