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“I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop Summary and Pix

Great turnout at the “I Love The ERA” Cookie Drop  on Jun 7, 2017, at the NC Legislative Building. There were over 35 people there – mostly women of all ages, but also some young men. One of the ERA-NC Alliance board members celebrated her birthday at the cookie drop with her daughter, female and male grandchildren, and friends! ERA-NC Alliance is an alliance of many women’s groups and individuals who recognize the need for ERA.

ERA Cookie Delivery group at beginning of event. More joined. Photo Credit: Marlene Rosol

The ERA, Equal Rights Amendment, is a constitutional amendment simply affording women the same rights as men under the law. The only right women have guaranteed right now – is the right to vote. Under the 3-state strategy, three more states are needed to ratify the ERA. In March 2017, Nevada went ahead and did it!  Read more in “ERA One Step Closer To Ratification After Passage in the [Nevada] Assembly“. Now we only need two more states to ratify.  Senator Heidi Gansert, a Republican in Nevada who voted for the ERA said,

“I understand now today, here in Nevada and across the world, there’s a crescendo building … I can hear it, and I can feel it.”

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NC NOW Legislative Update #16 – targetting the poor (food stamps, education programs)

NC NOW Legislative Update #16 of 2017 is available. This legislative update includes the latest on the Senate budget, like proposed slashes to food stamps program, and how the House is going to try address some of the outrages of it. 

“Last week the Senate passed its budget in a rushed process that allowed for
only limited debate and less than 72 hours of public availability before passage.”

“This week the process of sorting out what the budget contains beyond
appropriations and cuts continues. In addition to budgetary items, the budget
also includes new policies. Including policies in a budget bill is a way to bypass
the normal legislative process and pass controversial matters with little or no
public notice or debate. N. C. Policy Watch has identified twelve significant
policy changes buried in the Senate budget.” See
http://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2017/05/17/12-significant-policy-changesburied-nc-senate-budget/, 5/17/17.

“One of the most disturbing provisions of the Senate budget is a policy change concerning eligibility for SNAP, the program that used to be called food stamps, that would effectively cut off 133,000 people from receiving nutritional assistance. The move was not motivated by saving the state money because the program is paid for entirely with federal funds and costs the state nothing.” See http://www.wral.com/senate-budget-would-cut-off-food-aid-to-133-000/16703663/, 5/15/17.

And there is more, because thank goodness that “[t]he House is working on its version of the budget which is expected to correct some of the outrages in the Senate version. “

Plus, see the updates and the bill tracking that are included in all of this session’s legislative updates. 

See NC NOW Legislative Update 16.

Women’s March On Raleigh: Women Mobilize NC on 1/21/17 – Press Release



Press Contacts:
Salma Mirza, 716-432-1576, salma.m.mirza@gmail.com
Anna Grant, 484-326-4399, anna@carolinajewsforjustice.org

January 6, 2017

Triangle Women Planning Rally and March On Raleigh for 1/21/17

Hundreds Expected to Protest Politics of Division

Raleigh, N.C. – A multiracial, multi-religious, and multi-generational grassroots group of women are planning a Women’s March on Raleigh (WMOR). It is a solidarity event with the Women’s March on Washington, also taking place January 21st, 2017.

Dozens of women and allies have been planning the march from the basement of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church for the past several weeks. Reverend Michelle Laws of the NAACP is a confirmed speaker, as well as MaryBe McMillan of the NC AFL-CIO and Sarah Preston of Lillian’s List.

Read the entire press release, including quotes from organizers Salma Mirza, Carly Jones, Anna Grant, and NC NOW’s President, Gailya Paliga at WMOR Press Release.


Legislative Update #7, options for HB 2 now

NC NOW’s Legislative Update #7 for the Short Session

11 June 2016

The House failed to concur with the Senate budget on Thursday (06/08/2016); therefore, a conference committee will be appointed with representatives from both the House and the Senate to negotiate a final budget.  The negotiations will be conducted behind closed doors, but there will be rumors and leaks to indicate—accurately or inaccurately—how the negotiations are progressing.

Rumors are swirling that the House and Senate are close to a deal on HB2—but there is no agreement on what could be in the deal.  The Republicans are caught between the religious right—who wants them to do nothing—and business interests—who want them to make it all go away.  There are a lot of alternatives available:

(1)    Do nothing and let the courts handle the matter.  This would make the religious right happy.

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10th annual HK on J march and rally in Raleigh – Feb 13, 2016

Join NC NOW chapters in the 10th annual Historic Thousands on Jones St March and Rally on Saturday, Feb 13, 2016.

Gathering begins at 8:30am.  Pre-rally entertainment begins at 9:00 a.m.  March step-off is at 10am. The march will take us to the mass people’s assembly on the doorstep of the State Capitol.

Look for NOW rounds and our NC NOW banner.  You can always bring your own signs – so much to say!

Be sure to dress for the weather!

More at http://www.hkonj.com/moral_march_on_raleigh

Here are some pictures from last year’s HK on J.

NC NOW group before the HK on J march.
Photo Credit: Marena Groll
NC NOW’s banner at HKonJ.  Never Another Season Of Silence!
Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga

Governor McCrory signs bill targeting immigrants and poor people

Governor McCrory signed the anti-immigrant House Bill 318 on 10/28/15.  I wonder if he ever took the time to find out why this bill is callous and cruel.  He didn’t speak with the many organizations and people who have been rallying to get his attention across the street from the Governor’s Mansion for 4 weeks.  
hb318_crowd_cantseechildrenongrass.ggp Photo Credit: Gailya Paliga
The anti-immigration parts take effect immediately, so a lot of police departments are going to be scrambling to understand what the bill does right now.  Taking away food stamps from certain vulnerable populations takes effect next July.  
Because this bill is expected to cause so many problems, NC Justice Center announced a #HB318 hotline to receive information about implementation problems with the new law: (919) 526-0676. 
More on this bill in the following places, among others.

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March route available for ‘We Make America Great’ march

Here is the route for the march (thanks to Action NC).  Join any day or days you can.  On Nov 20th, we’re going to see the Governor in Raleigh, so please join us that day if you’re available.  Links to more information are at the end of the post.

Day 1 (Nov 8):
– Pt 1: http://bit.ly/1Rt3rZv
– Pt 2: http://bit.ly/1Rt3yEh


Day 2 (Nov 9): http://bit.ly/1Z9iIDV

Day 3 (Nov 10): http://bit.ly/1VCHixH

Day 4 (Nov 11): http://bit.ly/1Q6n48S

Day 5 (Nov 12):
– Pt 1: http://bit.ly/1Mdxv6S
– Pt 2: http://bit.ly/1FSGjmc

Day 6 (Nov 15): http://bit.ly/1FVW77a

Day 7 (Nov 16): http://bit.ly/1FVW7Er

Day 8 (Nov 17): http://bit.ly/1GvtlVZ

Day 9 (Nov 20): http://bit.ly/1MY5AL4

Read about the “We Make America Great” march at https://northcarolinanow.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/we-make-america-great-walk-charlotte-to-raleigh-nov-2015/

Follow it on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1466274130346156/

TAKE ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools (NCJC)

URGENT ACTION! Tell Legislators to Reject Bills that Divert Funding from Public Schools, Hamper Teachers’ Ability to Educate

Two enormously destructive bills are moving very quickly through the legislature that could have devastating impacts on public education.  

HOUSE BILL 539: CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDING and something called “Achievement School Districts“replacing Senate Bill 95.

ACT NOW to protect our state’s educational future against these bills, which are likely to move in the next 48 hours.

Read more about both bills and take action at http://action.ncjustice.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=17488. 


Today is Sep. 22, 2015, and this bill may move within 48 hours.  Here is the basic problem with links to the action and more information.  

(From the NC Justice Center, NCJC)

We Make America Great Walk – Charlotte to Raleigh – Nov 2015

We Make America Great Walk – Nov 8 – Nov 20, 2015
(In English first, then Spanish)

This event is called the “We Make America Great Walk.” As you may know, Donald Trump has been saying many negative things about immigrants. His campaign slogan is “Making America Great”. We refuse to let him own a positive message to promote negativity.  So, we have co-opted his message to show that immigrants make America great.

Join the “We Make America Great” Walk! Walk in support of working families!


The walk will start at Marshall Park in Charlotte, on Sunday, November 8, and end in Raleigh on Friday, November 20th, 2015.  The approximate distance is 167 miles.

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“Women’s Equality Through Time” event on 8/28/15 drew hundreds!

It was a beautiful day, and we had a passionate, energetic crowd and speakers. The timing was great too – using the occasion of Women’s Equality Day to celebrate women’s progress and talking about what women still need.  Elected officials, Durham City Council members, Durham County Commissioners and 300 plus people marched in solidarity and in support of Women’s Rights.  


Part of Crowd at the Old Durham Courthouse in the gathering before the march.

Photo Credit: Phil Fonville

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