North Carolina Abortion in 2021 and Turning This Around

North Carolina lawmakers are definitely hostile to abortion now, as shown by the many restrictions added since 2011, the limited number of abortion clinics, the limited areas which have clinics, and legislature funneling taxpayer money to anti-abortion organizations and individual CPCs. All this despite how safe abortion is. This is the status of abortion in North Carolina in March 2021, and how it could be improved.

Junk Science Abortion Bills Are a Threat to North Carolina Women

There has been a rash of anti-abortion bills introduced in the NC Legislature. The so called ‘Born Alive’ bill which was recently rushed through the Senate and House is a dangerous political maneuver that has no basis in science. There is no such thing as legislatively protected infanticide in North Carolina—or anywhere else in the U.S. This bill and other “junk science” bills are not designed to protect women. Instead, they are designed to deter women from having an abortion.

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