Articles on Harm Trumpcare Would Do to Women’s Health

Read more about Medicaid and the damage that Trumpcare will do in the following articles, among other places. Also no state would fare worse than North Carolina, where 1.3 million in NC could lose health insurance under Senate health plan.

NC NOW Legislative Update #21 – NC Budget Bad For Women

The NC Budget is bad for women and the state. This budget intensifies the attack on women’s reproductive rights by appropriating $2.6 million to crisis pregnancy centers over a two-year period. It discontinues health care benefits for retired state workers and teachers. It removes a major benefit of working for the state – state employees (including teachers) hired after January 2021 will no longer receive health insurance benefits. In addition, this budget continues the disturbing practice of including policy that has never voted on in the budget. In general, the Republican policy of tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy along with cuts to programs that benefit low income citizens continues in this budget.

Coverage during and after the Women’s March On Raleigh

Trying to keep track of press coverage of the WMOR during and after the march. Attendance estimates are now up to 40,000 based on people studying and estimating based on pictures of the actual march. Thanks to Sarah Moncelle for putting this together at

Womens March On Raleigh was Huge! 1/21/17

We had a super successful Women’s March On Raleigh (WMOR). Original estimates we heard near the stage were 17,000 people at WMOR while the rally was in progress to 40,000 people with picture analysis! We were expecting 3000-5000 people.

Medicaid Reform and Expansion Panel Writeup

Summary of LWV’s Medicaid Expansion panel that included medical professionals, an insurance professional and a legislator. Got background info on Medicaid, costs, information on a detailed study with county by county benefits published in Dec 2014. This study concluded that expanding Medicaid in NC would lead to nearly $22 billion in increased business!!

10th annual HK on J march and rally in Raleigh – Feb 13, 2016

Join NC NOW chapters in the 10th annual Historic Thousands on Jones St March and Rally on Saturday, Feb 13, 2016.

Inspiration for Roe, 2016 Roe Event

Annual event commemorating Roe v. Wade, this year screening Vessel. Their ‘journey’ will impress you and inspire you. 2016 marks the 43rd anniversary of that decision which gave women the right to control their own bodies.