Abortion Clinic Attacks Are Domestic Terrorism

Summary of 6 attacks on PP since July 2015 release of misleading videos by anti-abortion group, shocking tally of attacks on clinics since 1977, how our women’s clinics (not just PP) are treated unlike other businesses. No excuse for any of this, it must be changed.

False videos against PP inspire violence around the country – take action

False videos against Planned Parenthood inspire violence around the country – but the mainstream media is barely covering them and the DOJ should investigate them as Domestic Terrorism. Learn about attacks and sign the petition for DOJ to investigate.

NC NOW’s 18th and 19th legislative updates are available for members

NC NOW’s eighteenth and nineteenth legislative updates are available for members. These are the June 13 and June 6 Legislative Updates. All updates include a list of bills that NC NOW is tracking.

8 city tour protesting HB465, bill tripling waiting period, tracking doctors

Pictures from the 8 city tour protesting HB465. This bill triples waiting period, tracking doctors and forcing doctors to send women’s personal medical records to the state, to DHHS. NOW participated in many of the cities.

ERA Bill Being Introduced for Mother’s Day, 2015, take action!

Joint resolution for ERA being introduced in Congress for Mother’s Day, 2015. Ask your Senators to support and/or co-sponsor the bill. In NC, contact Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis. We tell you how!

2015 Pro-Choice Signature Ad Packet

NC NOW delivered its pro-choice signature ad packets to all members of the NCGA. The packets included NC NOW’s position reproductive health services access and education in a letter, the 2015 signature ad itself, and information on why our representatives should oppose HB465 and HB847.

Give a holler to Nelson Dollar to fight HB465!

Take action against a really over-the-top anti-abortion bill, House Bill 465. One phone call will help stop this terrible, overreaching bill in its tracks. Before it eliminates programs that train women’s doctors at universities in NC. And more.