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Impeachment Important Even At The Holidays – Rallies Around NC on 12/17/19

On the Dec 15, 2019 “Meet the Press”, Chuck Todd was supposed to be looking at “‘what does the rest of America think about all of this [impeachment discussion]’?” Todd recognized impeachment was “[w]ell dominating the conversation here in Washington, but we have been wondering just how much voters beyond the Beltway care about the hearings on Capitol Hill?”

The answer came loud and clear on 12/17/19, by the slew of impeachment rallies across the nation, including many across North Carolina. Tuesday, Dec 17 is the evening before the impeachment vote in the US House on 12/18/19. Over 600 rallies registered with some organization, but I’m sure many many more that popped up but didn’t bother to register with anyone.

Photo Credit: Red T Raccoon

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