Women’s Equality Day screening of ‘Equal Means Equal’ in NC – 2016

“Equal Means Equal” is a must-see! Pulls you in right away. Do you remember these terrible quotes? Recent past, people. See the trailer here! Then see the whole documentary! Coming out official on Sept 6, 2016. Early showing on Aug 26.

Teachers and Public Education further hurt by NC budget proposals (2016)

Instead of funding desperately needed 2 percent raises for state employees and a cost-of-living increase for retirees, the NC Senate budget continues diverting almost $600 million to a rainy day fund, which is too much money considering we are starving our public schools. Action options here.

The State of Discrimination: the Impact of HB2 and HB318

Excellent program in Fayetteville about the damage of 2 bills of the many signed into law – HB 2 and HB318. These bills also effect wages, employment and immigration. HB 2 was never just about bathrooms and HB318 hurts many workers.

Medicaid Reform and Expansion Panel Writeup

Summary of LWV’s Medicaid Expansion panel that included medical professionals, an insurance professional and a legislator. Got background info on Medicaid, costs, information on a detailed study with county by county benefits published in Dec 2014. This study concluded that expanding Medicaid in NC would lead to nearly $22 billion in increased business!!

NC NOW Press Release: HB 2 Disastrous for Women

The new law resulting from House Bill 2 (HB 2) goes way beyond the LGBT community. The extensive changes to protections in this bill hurt women in shocking ways.

Employment Situation of Women in Wake County – On The Record!

Wake County Commission for Women (WCCW) released a wide-ranging and informative report that tracks and evaluates the current condition of Wake County women in the work force. In addition to assessing the level of income disparity between the sexes, the study identifies and investigates the barriers to access job-seeking women face when entering and re-entering the labor market. It further provides an overview of programs that exist to assist women in overcoming such impediments and offers a set of recommendations to reduce their effect.