NC NOW Legislative Short Session Wrap-Up #7, 2 Jul 18

NC NOW’s Legislative Wrap-up for the 2018 Short Session includes a list and summary of the six amendments North Carolinians will be voting on in the general election in Nov 2018. It also captured a summary of ERA NC Advocacy Day 2018 (6/27/18), new restrictions on early voting, a listing of enacted laws, and a list of failed bills.

Buckle Up Buttercup – NC NOW Legislative Update #1

NC NOW Officer and Lobbyist Robin Davis summarizes the start of the 2017 legislative session for us. She really knows how to break it down! Robin includes Governor Roy Cooper’s Legislative Agenda, the failed attempt to repeal HB 2 during an extra legislative special session, the 2017 election to address the gerrymandered districts, the roleContinue reading “Buckle Up Buttercup – NC NOW Legislative Update #1”

Set your calendars NOW!

So many things going on! Women’s Rights Rally on June 10 (note change). Summer of Moral Resistance protests around state (nee Moral Mondays). Jun 19-21 National NOW Conference in New Orleans. July 25 – Bennett IV with NCWM. August – NC NOW fundraiser with “the Vessel.” Plan to join us!

Interfering, Condescending and Invasive Bill – HB465

The NC House approved an extreme anti-abortion bill with a maximum of discourtesy – GOP men stepped out during the debate, doctors and opponents of the bill not allowed to speak (only one opponent of the bill total), no reasonable amendments were accepted. Brazenly appalling behavior and results.

Second Silent Sentinels Vigil at NCGA in the news!

The second Silent Sentinels vigil was done in conjunction with Women’s Advocacy Day, Apr 21, 2015.encourage Judiciary I to move the House ERA bill (H166) along. The second vigil was held in front of the office of the Vice Chair of Judiciary I. Last time it was held in front of the Chair of Judiciary I’s office. Next time – on to the Senate to help S184!

Take action on HB847 – puts minors at risk with medical treatments

Ask your House member to OPPOSE HB847, which puts minors at risk with medical treatment. See problems with the bill and link to reach your representatives here.

Silent Sentinel Vigil for ERA on 4/21/15 at 2pm

Join NC NOW and NC4ERA on 4/21/15 at 2pm as a ‘Silent Sentinel’ to encourage the Judiciary Committee to move HB166 Equal Rights Amendment out of committee. Sign this petition whether you can join us in person or only in spirit!

Upcoming events for April 2015

Many opportunities to participate – in person and from your computer. There are rallies, a Silent Sentinals action, easy actions to take from home, Women’s Advocacy Day, and Pro-choice Signature Ad delivery. These are all in April, 2015.

Upcoming events later March, April

Events from later March and also April of 2015.  This posting had been waiting to be published for about 3 weeks.  Happens sometimes.  Thanks to Tara Romano of NCWU for many of the events from many organizations. . Sunday, March 8, and Sunday, Mar 29, and Sunday April 19, all in Fayetteville: Fayetteville NOW isContinue reading “Upcoming events later March, April”