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What you can do now to spread the word on danger of campus assaults

It’s time for some of our children and grandchildren to go back to school. Some are going to college, and that can be a very dangerous place for undergraduates. Studies have shown one in five college women and 5% of men have been sexually assaulted (note 1 and note 2). This problem is very real and close to home. On July 21, three N.C. State University (NSCU) students reported being sexually assaulted during a campus party. Raleigh police took this seriously and assigned a team of detectives assigned to the case, but more than 2 weeks later, there have not been any arrests (note 3). One way to protect undergraduates is by warning them and giving them guidance.

To help inform the community and help undergraduates know to protect themselves, Raleigh NOW held a screening of “The Hunting Ground” documentary at NCSU in Raleigh, cosponsored by WomenNC and NCSU’s GLBT Center. One of the main subjects of the film, UNC-CH graduate Annie Clark, led the post-film discussion. Annie Clark survived her assault, and refused to be ignored. She went on to co-found her own organization to combat campus rape, End Rape On Campus. The documentary presents the issue very well, and Annie Clark and her continuing fight to help others and improve the situation was inspiring.

Annie Clark running Q&A at screening of The Hunting Ground, on 8/8/17. Photo Credit: Catherine Evangelista

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NFL’s “Beat Her Unconscious” Pink Jersey Sale! $59.95

Remember this disaster?  NFL football player Ray Rice knocks out his fiancee cold.  It’s caught on video, yet Rice is rewarded by the NFL – with a pink jersey showcasing his game jersey number on it.  Until the rest of the video coverage was leaked and the NFL couldn’t pretend anymore.

This article was published in the Onslow Times on 7/30/14.  It was written by Marena Groll, who did a column for the Onslow Times.  Marena’s articles are no longer available online at the Onslow Times (which folded), so at least now we have this one here.

NFL Player Ray Rice dragging unconscious fiancée out of elevator.  

He himself just knocked
her out.

Photo Credit: TMZ Sports

NFL’s “Beat Her Unconscious” Pink Jersey Sale! $59.95

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