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Press Release: #MMIW Virtual Event 2021 on 4/24/21

NC NOW is a cosponsor of the #MMIW Virtual Event in 2021, and the NC NOW president will speak on how the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) would help some of egregious loopholes in tracking and prosecution of perpetrators of assaulting and murdering indigenous women. Here is the press release for the event, which is 10am-1pm on Saturday, April 24, 2021. Update: Watch the recording on youtube here.

MMIW NC logo

April 24, 2021

On Saturday, April 25th families along with state-wide agencies will host an online gathering that focuses on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women ahead of the National Day of Awareness on May 5th. A host of speakers and performers previously scheduled to attend the march will participate in an online rally. This is a call to action for activists, supporters and families to raise awareness, attention and bring justice to the many women and girls who have disappeared or have been murdered in NC.

Participants can register on EventBrite for a livestream event on the MMIWNC.com and https://www.facebook.com/MMIWNC

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Articles on National Issues To Catch – ERA, #RealityWinner, #MilitaryMeToo, More – 2/27/21

Don’t want to lose access to these important articles on national issues which were posted on the NC NOW facebook page. Topics here include another big push on Military to address massive sexual assault disaster, what would ensure the ERA reaches its equality potential, how Biden Administration should move ahead with very high approval ratings on policies, how a Senator is holding up Biden’s cabinet nominees by applying a double standard, how Biden needs to free Reality Winner, and ICE targetting progressive sheriffs around the state with billboards.
1. #MilitaryMeToo Video Goes Viral – Military Must Fix This!
These problems are rampant in all branches of the Military. You have the assault. The rapist getting off. The victim struggling to survive. It is good timing for this video to go viral as the #VanessaGuillen tragedy and uproar needs a boost right now as Military is supposed to be addressing it. #militarymetoo#IAmVanessaGuillen

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NC NOW State Conference Summary – Oct 9 and 10, 2020

NC NOW State Conference was a huge success! We tried a split approach, holding some activities on Friday evening, Oct 9, and then continuing on Saturday morning, Oct 10. Our keynote speaker on Saturday was the new National NOW President, Christian Nunes. Nunes spoke on voting and voter suppression in this all important 2020 election, and also about her vision for NOW. This went with our theme of “Voting Our Future NOW!” Included here are links a recording of the Friday evening program which includes the recording of the Military #MeToo panel and to Dr. Johnson’s speech on “Racial Injustice in the Justice System For Women.”

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Program for Second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel – 1/7/21 and Future Related Events

Find the program for the Second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel – 1/7/21 at Military_MeToo_Reaches_Ft._Bragg_Program.v6 (updated organizer list on 1/10/20). Please download or save for your own use. Some actions you can take are listed below. Also a link to the Military’s video encouraging attendance at our event, which shows a shift in attitude.

Planned Follow up Events on Military #MeToo Reaches Fort Bragg:

  • Spring 2021:   New Protocols for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
  • Fall 2021:  New Protocols: Are they helping?
  • Winter 2021:   A Yearly Review of Military #MeToo at Fort Bragg

After the disappearance and murder of #VanessaGuillen, and the persistence of her family, and the social media outcry (#IAmVanessaGuillen) on similar injustice on sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military, the military is finally admitting fault and promising to address these military wide problems. We need to hold them accountable and can help them understand the problem at Fort Bragg. Please join us at our second Military #MeToo Reaches Ft Bragg Panel on Jan 7, 2021. It’s via zoom. Find out about it at our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/219692489597322

Want to do more?

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Media Advisory: Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel #2 on 1/7/21


***Media Advisory*** 

Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel on 1/7/21

Fayetteville, NC, December 31, 2020 – Problems in handling of sex crimes in the military are well documented – from rarely punishing those accused of sexual assault, to harassing and retaliating against victims, to firing those hired to protect the victims. Sexual assaults happen on base, and on deployment, and have been documented through time.

But still the military didn’t address them for years and years. However, the disappearance and murder of Vanessa Guillen in Fort Hood Army base in Texas sparked a military #MeToo movement that is forcing military-wide change. The Secretary of the Army went public with the Ft. Hood report results and promised that the changes are reaching everywhere. Ft Bragg is the largest Army base in the US and in the world, by population

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Military #MeToo Reaches Ft. Bragg Panel on 1/7/21

Problems in handling of sex crimes in the military are well documented – from rarely punishing those accused of sexual assault, to harassing and retaliating against victims, to firing those hired to protect the victims. Sexual assaults happen on base, and on deployment, and have been documented through time.

But still the military didn’t address them for years and years. Until the disappearance and murder of Vanessa Guillen in Fort Hood Army base in Texas sparked a military #MeToo movement that they couldn’t control. Guillén disappearing after telling her family about sexual harassment spurred many service members and veterans to share their own stories about assault and harassment on social media with the hashtag #IAmVanessaGuillen. This uproar, and the Guillén family’s persistence in finding Vanessa, has forced the military to face its betrayal of soldiers.

Portrait of Vanessa Guillén from Evening Protest in Raleigh on 7/25/20
Photo Credit: Captain Erin Scanlon (Retired)

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#MilitaryMeToo in the News Again – 12/1/2020

What really happened with this victim advocate who had worked at Ft Bragg in NC? CBS aired Lindsey Knapp’s story and others in November 2020  on the CBS Evening News with Nora O’Donnell. Stories of victims of multiple sexual assaults who killed themselves. And stories of “Pentagon whistleblowers say they were fired or suspended for reporting sexual assault cover-ups: “People are afraid”” at cbsn.ws/2HpwN1k. Better link at https://www.cbsnews.com/video/norah-odonnell-reports-sexual-assault-in-the-military/. CBS did a four part series on problems in the military. This particular CBS show aired interviews of three women hired to work for the military’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program.  All three had been fired. 

Lindsey Knapp

Lindsey Knapp

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Summer 2020 Articles: Military #MeToo, Breonna Taylor, Campus Rape Now Easier, More

Here are some recent articles that may interest you on the topics of  a military #metoo movement, murder of Breonna Taylor, how Campus Rape is now easier to get away with due to bad changes to rules of Title IX, how Covid-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health, and more.

Campus Rape Now Easier

You may have missed this one on what Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has done for campus rapists and how she’s changed Title IX rules. Title IX is the federal law which protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. Anna Lynch writes, “How did the Department of Education become a protection racket for college campus abusers? Let’s break it down from the beginning.”  See
The Department of Education is a Protection Racket,” 8/5/20.

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Women AdvaNCe: Getting Justice For Soldier Vanessa Guillén and Others

Fort Hood Specialist Vanessa Guillén was finally ‘laid to rest’ in a private funeral and Mass in Houston on Saturday, Aug 15. On Aug 14, there was a public memorial at her high school, where she had been involved in multiple sports.  Many hope the uproar over sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military that blew up after Specialist Vanessa Guillén’s disappearance and murder will force permanent change in military culture.  “The Military Failed Vanessa Guillen and Others. It Must Do Better.” in Ms. Magazine explains how much her family did and “major deficiencies exposed by her case —including slow or negligent investigation of missing persons, lack of communication with families and handling of sex crimes.” There have been some developments – new legislation, investigations including a congressional one, and more bodies found.

This article by NC NOW President Gailya Paliga ran at WomenAdvaNCe, at “Getting Justice For Soldier Vanessa Guillén and Others.

Here are the source articles for reference.

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Big Developments in Vanessa Guillén Case, Including Legislation Introduced on 7/30/20

There were many big developments in the Vanessa Guillén murder this week, including legislation introduced on Thursday, July 30. The family of Vanessa Guillén and their lawyer, Natalie Khawam, had a press conference on July 30 timed with introduction of a bill in Guillén’s name. The #IAmVanessaGuillen Bill addresses some major problems in how the military handles sexual assault and sexual harassment cases. Before she was murdered, Guillén had told her family at least two superiors had harassed her on base, one stalking her. She had been afraid to report them. Also exposed by her case are problems with the way the military investigates (or doesn’t investigate) disappearances of service members. The family also demanded a congressional investigation into Vanessa’s death, and that is being set up. Now is the time to make changes and there is movement on many fronts.

Graphic for Event Introducing New #IAmVanessaGuillen legislation

Graphic for Event of Introducing New #IAmVanessaGuillen legislation

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