Summer 2020 Articles: Military #MeToo, Breonna Taylor, Campus Rape Now Easier, More

Here are some recent articles that may interest you on the topics of  a military #metoo movement, murder of Breonna Taylor, how Campus Rape is now easier to get away with due to bad changes to rules of Title IX, how Covid-19 is Seriously Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health, and more.

Big Developments in Vanessa Guillén Case, Including Legislation Introduced on 7/30/20

The family of Vanessa Guillén and their lawyer, Natalie Khawam, had a press conference on July 30 timed with introduction of bill in Guillén’s name. The #IAmVanessaGuillen bill addresses some major problems in how the military handles sexual assault and sexual harassment cases. Before she was murdered, Guillén had told her family at least two of her superiors had harassed her on base, one stalking her. Also exposed by her case are problems with the way the military investigates (or doesn’t investigate) disappearances of service members. Now is the time to force the military to do a better job in both areas with new legislation. The family also demanded a congressional investigation into Vanessa’s death.

Three Protests in Raleigh for Justice for Vanessa Guillen on 7/25/20

There were at least three protests for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on Saturday, 7/25/20. Some of these protests are being organized by women moved to action, and organizers don’t seem to be aware of each other. NC NOW had learned about morning caravan (first one) and we were involved in the one at the state capitol (third one). We read of the second one in the News and Observer on 7/26/20. Here is information on all three.

Great Turnout at Protest for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on 7/25/20

Over 45 people attended the protest for justice for Vanessa Guillen at the State Capitol in Raleigh on 7/25/20, from 5pm-8pm. Here is a summary with pictures, one of the speeches, and a poem that was performed. This was one of 3 protests for Vanessa Guillen that I know about that day. We were flattened along the sidewalk due to fencing around the Capitol grounds.

Press Release: Peaceful Protest for Justice for Vanessa Guillen in Raleigh on 7/25/20

Peaceful Protest for Justice for Vanessa Guillen on 7/25/20 at the State Capitol Building in Raleigh.
Event is hosted by a Grassroots Coalition of NC Women & NC NOW

Military Interference in Sexual Assault Case of Captain Erin Scanlon at Fort Bragg

Twists in a legal case of rape in the military at Fort Bragg clearly demonstrate that the U.S. Army still is failing in its responsibility to investigate and prosecute sexual harassment and assault charges from their members. The military at Fort Bragg interfered in Captain Erin Scanlon’s military sexual assault case in multiple ways, interfering with her support system and taking over the case. Months after her alleged rapist was acquitted, Scanlon filed a claim against the Army on grounds that her case was mishandled at Fort Bragg. The military denied the claim, citing the controversial Feres Doctrine. Since then, Scanlon has left the Army, and has become an outspoken advocate for military oversight. 

The Military Failed #VanessaGuillen and Others, Must Do Better

The military must do better. Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén went suspiciously missing on April 22, 2020, leaving her car keys, barracks room key, Army identification card and wallet behind at her workspace. The investigation into her disappearance was dragging on slowly at best until her family pushed via social media. Before that, the family organized multiple searches and vigils and protests, hoping to find Guillén and bring her home. Eventually, investigators found she was murdered by a soldier on base. Before the murder, Guillén told her family she had been sexually harassed by her superiors, but was afraid to report it. Her case exposed a terrible outcome of the military mishandling sexual assault and sexual harassment. Anger and frustration with these failures have created a military #MeToo movement. These continuing major failures in the military must be addressed.

Rape Crisis Sensitivity Training in Fayetteville – March and May 2018

Upcoming ‘rape crisis sensitivity’ trainings in Fayetteville with the Rape Crisis Center of Cumberland County. Become informed about rape and sexual assault, find out how you can help survivors. One set on Saturday March 3 and 10, 2018, and the other set on Saturday, May 12 and 19, 2018. You must attend both classes of the set.

Domestic Violence Awareness Event, Press Release from Fayetteville NOW

Fayetteville NOW’s Press Release on upcoming Domestic Violence Awareness Event on Dec 2, 2017. In 1974, Beryl Mitchell was murdered by her active duty military husband. For decades, her grave had no headstone. See what Fayetteville NOW continues to do every year in her memory.

Fayetteville NOW Domestic Violence Awareness Event – 12/3/16

Report of Fayetteville NOW’s an annual wreath-laying ceremony to promote better awareness of domestic violence. This is the eighth year that Fayetteville NOW has done this ceremony and lays a wreath on the grave where domestic violence victim Beryl Mitchell is buried. Fayetteville NOW has a long history of working against violence against women in concrete ways.