Pro-choice Signature Ad Packet Delivery and Letter – 4/14/21

NC NOW members delivered the pro-choice signature ad packets to all of our representatives in the NC House and NC Senate on Monday, 3/25/19. The packets included a copy of the pro-choice signature ad that we ran in Indy Week in January (as we do every year), and a letter from NC NOW.

NC NOW Legislative Update – During Pandemic – 25 May 2020

The NC legislature is back in session. See the bills on which they are allowed to consider during the short session (in 2020). Under normal circumstances, the short session would focus on tweaking the budget, local bills, and bills that passed one house or the other during the long session. However, these are not normal circumstances. Read what is happening with state budget, Medicaid expansion, and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

NC NOW Legislative Update #29—Fireworks Over House Veto Override – Sept. 30, 2019

The fireworks over the House vote to override the budget veto continue. Updates on the new legislative district maps. New lawsuit against unfair Congressional district maps (in light of lies exposed and other lawsuit). Movement on Medicaid expansion, but includes severe restrictions. and bill was not done with bipartisan input.

North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #27 — 9/3/19

There has been movement on both the budget and Medicaid transformation.  To get around the impasse over the vetoed budget, the legislature has passed a slew of stand-alone budget bills addressing specific areas. We share a Facebook post from one of our NC Senators that exposes the Republican strategy for preventing Democrats from amending a bill.  This is almost unbelievable. In other big news, Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 555, Medicaid Transformation Implementation that would change Medicaid from fee-for-service to managed care.  Medicaid transformation is contained in the budget the Governor vetoed, but this stand-alone bill is one of the piecemeal budget bills passed by the legislature.

NC NOW Legislative Update #22 – 7/1/19

The legislature passed the budget on Thursday, June 27, and Governor Roy Cooper vetoed it the next day, for various reasons, including refusal to expand Medicaid, and shorting North Carolina in the areas of education and the economy. Budget also funnels total of $2.6 million to crisis pregnancy centers to pursue their anti-abortion agenda. They tried to deny funding to any agency, including hospitals, that provides abortion services. Happily, that part was defeated.

NC NOW Legislative Update #19 – The Veto Is Sustained! – 10 Jun 2019

The Week 19 summary talks about sustaining Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of one of the abortion ban bills (the so called Born Alive type ban). The next big thing should be reconciling the Senate and House budgets, and what Governor Cooper may do, since both budgets are problematic.

NC NOW Legislative Update #18 – Senate Budget and Budget Process – 3 Jun 2019

The Week 18 summary discusses how the NC Senate passed its budget and virtually excluded Democrats from any participation in the process. It talks about the next step, which is reconciling the House and Senate versions of the budget. And that maybe the 11th override vote scheduled on the so-called Born Alive type bill may actually take place on June 5.

NC NOW Legislative Update #17 – Rep. War on Media in NC – 27 May 2019

The toxic games around scheduling a House vote on SB359, Born Alive—Abortion Survivors Protection Act, continued another week. They are imposing on lawmaker’s lives. The Republican war on the media has reached North Carolina. It was revealed that the press room was moved to the corner of the basement to make a relaxing space for lawmakers right across from the press room. Meanwhile, there is no progress to report in major unresolved issues, including the budget, Medicaid expansion, and court-ordered re-drawing of legislative districts in the Triangle area.