2015 Spring NC NOW Newsletter

See NC NOW’s latest newsletter. Do you know HB465 includes new OUTRAGEOUS requirements for the physician who ’causes miscarriage or abortion’ after 18 weeks to SEND THE WOMAN’S ULTRASOUNDS, MEASUREMENTS, ETC TO DHHS!!!!! What TPP is? What Fast Track is? How safe abortions really are? How unsafe college campuses really are? Find out about theseContinue reading “2015 Spring NC NOW Newsletter”

ERA Silent Sentinels Vigil in the news!! Join our next one after WAD!

Our ERA Silent Sentinels Vigil is in the news! We’re having another vigil on 4/21/15 at 2pm, after Women’s Advocacy Day (WAD). More on both here!

Intent vs. Impact, speech on anti-abortion language in JVTA and blocking qualified women

Speech from Trust Women press conference on 4/8/15 about the Hyde Amendment, the anti-abortion wording in the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act and our US Senators’ interference with Loretta Lynch and Jennifer May-Parker nominations for federal positions.

Upcoming events later March, April

Events from later March and also April of 2015.  This posting had been waiting to be published for about 3 weeks.  Happens sometimes.  Thanks to Tara Romano of NCWU for many of the events from many organizations. . Sunday, March 8, and Sunday, Mar 29, and Sunday April 19, all in Fayetteville: Fayetteville NOW isContinue reading “Upcoming events later March, April”

Women’s Advocacy Day – Reception and Main Event

SPEAK OUT NOW!  KEYNOTE – DREAM hAMPTON Don’t forget to pre-register. Links below. The NC General Assembly (NCGA) is back in session, and it’s more important than ever for women to speak up against the Carolina ROLLBACK.  As veteran teachers continue to be short-shifted, and attacks on the UNC public university system are rampant! With this bi-annualContinue reading “Women’s Advocacy Day – Reception and Main Event”

Press Conference: Why is Sen. Burr Blocking Federal Judge? 5/2/14

ABC 11 has their coverage of the press conference, “Activists asking why Sen. Burr seems to be blocking North Carolina’s first African-American female federal judge nomination,” at http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news%2Flocal&id=9524944. They ran it multiple times, as did the other 2 stations that covered us!

Really sums up the mess NC made with teachers in 2013

Really sums up the mess the current administration (governor and lawmakers) have made of North Carolina. And the truth about why teachers are fleeing NC in droves. The first paragraph says a lot. “If there is any doubt that Koch inspired Republican policies would be a disaster for America, one need only look to NorthContinue reading “Really sums up the mess NC made with teachers in 2013”

Burr holding up confirmation process on judge he recommended, letter to N&O

Mar 30, 2014 NC Senator Richard Burr is blocking the nomination of Jennifer May-Parker as U.S. District Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The position has been vacant since Dec. 2005, over eight years. Newsweek Magazine reported “the Eastern District of North Carolina is officially classified as aContinue reading “Burr holding up confirmation process on judge he recommended, letter to N&O”