Chapel Hill NOW Supports Black Students’ Demands at UNC-CH – 7/13/21

Letter on behalf of Chapel Hill NOW recognizing emotional pain caused by horrible treatment of students at UNC-CH Trustee tenure meeting, and urging all North Carolinians to support the students and faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill who demand change.

NC NOW State Conference Summary – Oct 9 and 10, 2020

Summary of the 2020 NC NOW State Conference. We tried a split approach, holding some activities on Friday evening, Oct 9 and then continuing on Saturday morning, Oct 10. Our keynote speaker on Saturday was the new National NOW President, Christian Nunes. Nunes, who spoke on voting and voter suppression in this all important 2020 election, and also about her vision for NOW. This speech went with our theme of “Voting Our Future NOW!” Included here are links a recording of the Friday evening program which includes the recording of the Military #MeToo panel and to Dr. Johnson’s speech on “Racial Injustice in the Justice System For Women.”

Watch White Women Can We Talk – 55% Did What? Post Election Edition

Our “White Women, Can We Talk” event was 11/12/20 from 7:30pm EST to 9pm. Great participation and discussion. The focus of this event was looking back at the election – 55% of white women voted for Trump, 2% more than voted for him in 2016. How is that possible?! And what can we do about it? We also talked about why black and Hispanic men would vote for Trump. Next big thing in Georgia is the runoff elections for two hotly contested Senate races.

White Women, Can We Talk? The Listening Tour. On 11/12/20

Join NC NOW for “White Women, Can We Talk? The National Listening Tour” with powerhouse State leaders of the National Organization for Women (NOW). You don’t want to miss the Pandora’s Box Discussion where women of color connect with white women to become better allies.

Media Advisory: Voting Our Future NOW Conference on Oct 9-10, 2020

With a conference theme of “Voting Our Future NOW,” the North Carolina National Organization for Women (NC NOW) is joining the many organizations who have moved to virtual format to continue going forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. NC NOW is holding its first annual state conference via Zoom this Friday evening and Saturday morning. Read more about it here, and see where to register.

Fayetteville NOW president: We should examine our racial biases

Some things are better than when Jim Crow laws were in effect, but those laws had a lasting influence on the way we live. We (white people) need to carefully examine our personal attitude toward people of different races. What are our expectations when we see a person of color? Is that expectation justified? If that person were white would that expectation be the same? Would you be willing to change place with a person of color? Answering those questions should give us a basis for thinking about our biases.

NC NOW Statement on George Floyd Murder and Changes Needed

The injustice of systemic racism and discrimination must come to an end. We pledge to work individually and as a group to do whatever is necessary to support our brothers and sisters who have suffered for too long under the present system. Racial justice is a feminist issue as well as a national issue. We call for the following.

About NC’s Justice System with Retired Judge in Fayetteville on 11/13/18

The final 2018 event of Fayetteville’s “Community Conversations Series” is a discussion with Honorable Superior Court Judge Gregory Weeks (Retired) to discuss his experiences in the justice system and discuss his perspective on racial disparities in this system.