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Statement On Anti -Asian American Violence

Chapel Hill National Organization for Women
March 18, 2021

To our Asian American Sisters and all Asian American Communities:

We extend our hands and our hearts to our Asian American sisters in their grief stemming from the murders in Atlanta. There is never a reason or an explanation sufficient to justify this violence against women or violence directed toward a group in American society.

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Watch White Women Can We Talk – 55% Did What? Post Election Edition

Our “White Women, Can We Talk” event was 11/12/20 from 7:30pm EST to 9pm. Great participation and discussion. The focus of this event was looking back at the election – 55% of white women voted for Trump, 2% more than voted for him in 2016. How is that possible?! And what can we do about it? We also talked about why black and Hispanic men would vote for Trump. Next big thing in Georgia is the runoff elections for two hotly contested Senate races.

Zoom Attendees at 7:35pm

You can watch it via facebook live at https://www.facebook.com/nselaawardfanpage/videos/472842093685383

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White Women, Can We Talk? The Listening Tour. On 11/12/20

Join NC NOW for “White Women, Can We Talk? The National Listening Tour” with powerhouse State leaders of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

You don’t want to miss the Pandora’s Box Discussion where women of color connect with white women to become better allies. This is the post-election version.

November 12, 2020, 7:30pm EST -8:30pm EST

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Racial Injustice in the Justice System For Women, with Dr. Valerie A. Johnson

Dr. Valerie A. Johnson will speak on the systemic violence against women of color at the N. C. NOW Conference on Friday, Oct 9, at 7:45pm.

The history of policing of people of color in America has led to this moment where people are rising up to assert that Black Lives Matter. There tends to be a lot of  focus on killings of Black and Brown men. Dr. Valerie A. Johnson will focus on the systemic violence against women of color, which is often ignored besides notable exceptions like Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland.

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Cook: 19th Amendment Centennial Commemorations in Virtual Space

In 2019, pre-pandemic, NC NOW President Gailya Paliga asked NC chapters to develop projects to commemorate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. In response, chapters across the state began brainstorming ways to do it, with several undertaking planning for conference-type events set for the following summer. Who knew what was to follow?

As Americans were looking forward to putting 2019 behind us and moving into the “Roaring Twenties,” cold winds were brewing across the Pacific Ocean. Within a few months, the coronavirus had changed everything. Not to be dismayed, North Carolina’s NOW chapters did not cancel their plans. Instead we began to brainstorm how to keep our projects alive. Zoom—previously associated with fast cars—emerged to rescue willing participants. With Zoom, we were discovering a more advanced way of seeing each other as we continued meeting together.

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Press Release: When Women Gather: Uniting for Positive Change on 7/25/20


RALEIGH, NC, July 15, 2020 – This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which granted many women in the US the right to vote. However, 1920 was not the end of the fight for suffrage. As Dr. Valerie Ann Johnson explains: “When our volunteer committee sat down together to plan this event we did so out of a need to tell a fuller story of suffrage. Early on we decided that we would commemorate, not celebrate, the passage of the 19th Amendment. How could we fully celebrate the enactment of an Amendment that in practice left so many women – Black/African, Asian, Native American, Latina – out of the franchise? And we also know that with this more inclusive 19th Amendment narrative we have an opportunity to engage in the process of reconciliation.”

A coalition of NC women’s organizations is sponsoring a virtual event, “When Women Gather: Uniting for Positive Change,” on Saturday, July 25th at 9:30am to 12:00pm. It is free and open to all. 

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Fayetteville NOW president: We should examine our racial biases

By Roberta Waddle
Fayetteville Observer, Posted Jun 4, 2020 at 1:48 PM 

My best education has been talking to and traveling with my African-American friends. Things that I give no thought to are considerations for a person of color.

Robera Waddle in front with other Fayetteville NOW members at protest at Market House in Fayetteville in April 2017, Photo Credit: Roberta Waddle

The murder of George Floyd was a tragedy and we should protest and demand justice for his killers. We should demand that every law enforcement agency in the country examine their internal culture and ensure that future training eliminates the chance of another murder like this ever happening.

The death of over 100,000 people from the COVID-19 pandemic is a tragedy, and we should mourn them as we try to stem the virus and recover from the economic damage done. Both of these tragedies hit hardest on communities of color and communities least able to cope with it. Both of them are the related to the systemic racism of our society. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing story of our country (and our world).

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Press Release: Online Rally on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women on 4/25/20



Press Release: Online Rally to Focus on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and People on 4/25/20


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Cavalier: MMIW Speech: Enough Finger Pointing, Start Fixing It

Crystal Cavalier traveled from Robeson County to speak on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women at the 2020 Raleigh Women’s March. Here is her speech. She is willing and able to speak more on this topic.

Crystal Cavelier on MMIW, Photo Credit: Kevin A. Smith

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Upcoming Events in Early 2020 with Fayetteville NOW

Please join Fayetteville NOW with any or all of the following events including a Roe v. Wade anniversary event, an event on organizing against racism, and the 21st annual Susan B. Anthony Birthday Reception event.

1. Monday, Jan. 13, 6:00 pm  Roe Event: Votes For Women and Reproductive Rights, featuring former legislator Diane Parfitt and Dr. Naveed Aziz.  Please come and bring a friend.  Cumberland County Main Library, Pate Room. 6pm-7:30pm. Fayetteville NOW event. 

See also Diane Parfitt: We need to Get Real about sex education and Dr. Naveed Aziz: He tried to wait until age 65, and Medicare, but did not make it

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