North Carolina NOW Legislative Update – 30 August 2021

HB 608 has passed the Senate, this bill makes significant reforms in the treatment of women prisoners. We are expecting unconstitutional districts from the legislative majority again. Then more on the budget process and what happened two years ago.

NC NOW Legislative Update #4 – 2/22/21 – Census and Schools

This week’s summary talks about Governor Cooper’s response to the NC legislature forcing in person learning via legislation and on how late census data will effect federal and state redistricting and 2021 elections. There are no new bills to track and no action on the bills being tracked. See whole report at North Carolina NOW Legislative Update #4.22 February 2021.

NC NOW Legislative Update #28—#IWillNotYield! – September 16, 2019

House votes to override budget veto in explosive session on 9/11/19 with few Democrats and no press present, because they were led to believe there would be no vote that morning. In other big news this week, Common Cause won its lawsuit concerning partisan gerrymandering and the state Supreme Court has ordered the legislature to draw new districts using non-partisan criteria. 

NC NOW Legislative Update #15 — Games Played With Vetoed Bills – May 13, 2019

The bill crossover deadline was May 9, and this summary talks about which bills made it and how (some by virtue of what they deal with). The House continues to schedule and reschedule SB359/HB602:  Born-Alive—Abortion Survivors Protection Act.  The Senate voted to override the Governor’s veto on 04/30/2019.  The bill has been placed on the House calendar for different dates and then withdrawn – they are trying to find the perfect time to override the governor’s veto, or maybe it’s a game to tire pro-choice protesters. The bill is presently on the House Calendar for 05/15/2019. 

NCGA Reconvened – what happened already, updates on redistricting and judges

The NC Legislature reconvened, and legislators lost no time ramming through complex, multi-issue legislation with almost no discussion. How the NCGA is operating in general (in darkness). Breakdown of what is going on with redistricting maps and judge. Why people are upset with House Bill 90.